How about that Schuyler Central High School volleyball team?

The Lady Warriors cruised past conference foe Crete in straight sets at home Sept. 14 then went on the road and won five of six sets in beating Homer, Yutan and Logan View.

After beginning their season with a 1-4 record, the Lady Warriors have won five of their last six matches to improve to 6-5. After looking sluggish early in the season, Schuyler has come alive the past couple of weeks.

Especially impressive has been the net play of junior Rachel Shonka and sophomore Kinzie Petersen, and the setting of senior Kameryn Healy. Shonka took over the match against Crete with her stellar play at the net while Petersen has been impressive with her strong blocking ability against opposing hitters. Healy is not a flashy presence on the court, but her steady style of play and miniscule number of setting mistakes have made her an important cog in the Lady Warrior volleyball machine.

First-year head coach Jenna Saalfeld is doing a tremendous job with this team. If you have not seen them in action yet this season you owe it to yourself to do so.


There is trouble in Lincoln.

Seldom have I been at a loss of words when it comes to the sporting world, but for Saturday’s debacle in Lincoln (some even had the nerve to call it a football game) words come few and far between. Well, at least words that can be read by all members of the family.

After Nebraska’s 21-17 loss to Northern Illinois there came a barrage of excuses, alibis and feather ruffling. That was perhaps one of the worst losses in Nebraska football history. The score was close, not an embarrassment like so many outcomes in recent years, but Nebraska should have never lost that game.

We heard all week from NU coaches that Nebraska needed to come out early and have success against the Huskies. It nearly looked like that was going to be the case. Nebraska took the ball down the field with ease and looked crisp and sharp. Then came the interception. Eighty-nine yards and a pick-6 later and Northern Illinois owned the lead.

You could feel it. What had been confidence and encouragement fizzled into the mist that enshrouded Memorial Stadium. Even when Nebraska came back to take a 17-14 lead, the defense that played so much better for three quarters took on the appearance of a sieve as Northern Illinois exploded down the field for the go-ahead score.

Stick a fork in, they’re done.

As has been pointed out time and time again during the past couple of days, the upcoming game against Rutgers might be the only other game Nebraska wins this season. Then again, Rutgers put 65 points on the board over the weekend.

Am I predicting a 2-10 season? Honestly, I have no idea where this team will go. A record of 7-5 and a bowl game is possible, but with tough Big 10 games against Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State, Minnesota, etc., on the horizon things are not looking good for the men in scarlet and cream.

SCHS football

The Schuyler football team will win a game this season.

There is a game looming on the schedule that the Warriors not only could win, but should win.

The 3-ton weight this team is carrying around on their collective backs is not an easy burden from week to week. Coach Aaron Thumann and his staff are doing all the right things. They are trying to make their players believe they can succeed. They are not chewing their young men out when they are falling behind on the scoreboard.

At this point, it all comes down to the heart and soul of the players. It is not about the fans cheering louder or the coaches coaching harder. This is about the Warriors refusing to have another winless season.

It is hard to pick yourself up after a 55-7 loss, but that is what this team must do. If they choose to get better each week there could be a magical game awaiting this team toward the season’s end.

Now we get to see what the heart of a Warrior truly looks like.


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