Perhaps in the past couple of weeks you have seen some wrestlers picking up fallen tree limbs on the golf course or football players on the playground or at the preschool sharing time with young students there.

While driving down the highway, you might have seen some cross country team members picking up trash alongside the road.

With encouragement from Schuyler Central High School Activities Director Jim Kasik, some of the local coaches got their teams together to do some community service work and give back to the city.

SCHS wrestling coach Jeremy Hlavac gathered his athletes together and they decided to clean up the golf course while providing free firewood to those in need during the winter months.

“When Mr. Kasik brought up the idea of teams doing service projects the first thing that came to mind was helping at the golf club. My assistant coaches and myself are all members of the course,” Hlavac said. “We had around 60 kids show up and help, which is a pretty good indicator of how many we will have out this season for wrestling.”

The Warrior wrestlers picked up branches, raked leaves and sticks and carried firewood.

“There were a number of people that came throughout the day to take the firewood we had gathered,” Hlavac said. “The wrestlers helped load the wood for the people.”

Parkview One Stop provided pizza for the volunteer workers.

On Oct. 19, the cross country team picked up trash along roads in and around Schuyler and Octavia, where they do most of their running while practicing during the season.

“I thought this would be a good way to show the communities how much we appreciate running on the country roads. As we were out training on these roads we noticed how much trash was on the roadside and figured this would probably be a good yearly project,” coach Rick Carter said.

Carter had a special thanks for Bill Zegers.

“Bill volunteered his time to drive the bus for us on this project. Bill was also the bus driver for many of our meets and he is one of our biggest fans,” he said.

Schuyler football coach Aaron Thumann had a completely different approach to community service for his players.

“We took some of our players down to the preschool to reach out and connect with our youth. I felt that this is very important for us to do and has such a positive impact on both our youth and football players alike,” Thumann said.

The faces of preschool students were filled with smiles as the football players interacted with them in the classroom and on the playground.

“It has been a pretty awesome experience,” Thumann said. “It was amazing for the players and for the preschool kids.”


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