Winter is just around the corner and there is a Frost warning on the way for the rest of the Big 10 Conference.

It really came as no shock to most people when the media started buzzing like a hornet’s nest late Saturday afternoon that Scott Frost was going to be named the new head football coach at Nebraska.

The orange trees in the Orlando area barely had time to do some happy swaying on the heels of Central Florida’s 62-55 double-overtime victory over Memphis in the American Athletic Conference title game before the sporting world was deluged with an early weather report.

Frost was on its way to Nebraska.

Frost is coming home. He is coming back in an attempt to revive a sagging football program that hit about as close to rock bottom as any Husker football fan will ever hope to see.

Not only was this a good hire for NU, it was another great hire for the Big 10 Conference. The past few head coaches never had their names tossed around in the same sentences with Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh, but Frost is right there on the pay scale and prestige scale. That happens when you take a football team from 0-12 to 6-6 to 12-0 in two seasons.

But the coaching legacy of Frost goes much further than his two seasons at UCF. He was one of the masterminds behind the offense at Oregon, where he served as offensive coordinator. Chip Kelly got all of the credit for those high-scoring and explosive teams, but Frost had his hands on the controls most of the time.

Now, Frost is bringing those offensive schemes to Nebraska. For those of you putting a return to the I-formation option game at the top of your Christmas lists, you will be sadly disappointed. Frost, if he holds true to form, will bring a hybrid offense to Nebraska that will be maddening to defend. Of course, finding someone to pull the trigger behind the center is easier said than done.

This will not be an offense that Tanner Lee or Patrick O’Brien can step into. This is going to be an offense that will be directed by a dual-threat quarterback who can run and pass.

Rumors persist that there are a couple of quarterbacks who played junior college football in Kansas who just might fit the bill. That is not to count out Tristan Gebbia, providing he doesn’t leave Lincoln in search of perceived greener pastures. If Gebbia can run and is not afraid to take a hit, then he could end up being the fit for this new offense.

We already know the Huskers have some offensive talent to work with next fall. The huge question mark looming over the difficult 2018 season stemmed from a porous defense in 2017. Frost’s UCF team basically outscored opponents this year as the title game’s final score would attest. But a win is a win, and that is something Frost has done on a regular basis.

Yes, the times are changing in Lincoln and from all indications things are heading in the right direction. Welcome home Scott Frost and Go Big Red.