Kleinheksel rules in Sports Mods again

2012-07-06T01:10:00Z 2012-07-06T01:37:10Z Kleinheksel rules in Sports Mods againBy Josh Kaufman jkaufman@columbustelegram.com Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — For the second week in a row, James Kleinheksel found a way to get to the front.

The driver from Columbus took advantage of a yellow flag to grab the lead and pull away for his second straight win in the Sport Mod feature in front of a large crowd Thursday at U.S. 30 Speedway.

After a three-car crash on Lap 12 brought out a caution, Kleinheksel made his move. On the restart, he got around Sioux City, Iowa’s Geoff Olson to take the lead and didn’t look back.

Kleinheksel led the final eight laps to take the checkered flag, leaving Olson to settle for second. Points leader Kyle Prauner, of Norfolk, finished third. Rising City’s Nick Topil, who led the first 11 laps, came in fifth.

Columbus’ Trent Roth finished sixth, and David City’s Austin Svoboda was ninth. Rising City’s Dion Kovar placed 10th, and Columbus’ Mitch Coble was 12th. David City’s Anthony Kobus and Kevin Kloke finished 13th and 14th, respectively. Jason Harms, also of David City, placed 19th.

In the Open Street Stocks, David City’s Brandon Kresha was dominant. He not only won the heat race, but also led every lap of the feature.

Kresha moved into the lead on the first lap and quickly began to pull away from the field. By the end of the race, which wasn’t slowed by a caution, the rest of the pack was left far behind him to battle for second.

York’s Ron Velba finished second, and Cedar Rapids’ Zach Zentner took third. Columbus’ Troy Bergman, Kyle Becker, Jerrid Becker and Kyle Kraus finished fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

Milford’s Brandon Wergin also led from start to finish in the Hobby Stocks, but his win didn’t come quite as easily.

With the laps winding down, Neligh’s Jason Wilkinson and Norfolk’s Colby Langenberg were nipping on the rear bumper of Wergin’s car. Wergin had just enough to stay in front, however, holding off Wilkinson’s last-lap attempt to steal the win.

Columbus’ Jeff Ware was behind the battle and finished fourth, while St. Edward’s Austin Brauner finished fifth. Columbus’ Brent Van Diest placed eighth, and Platte Center’s Andrew Gehring was ninth.

Albion’s Kevin Krohn finished 13th, and Columbus’ Allen Houdersheldt and Nick Eaton came in 14th and 15th, respectively.

The third start-to-finish winner was Grand Island’s David Dembowski, who won the Sport Compact feature.

Dembowski led by a wide margin, but had to hold off a late charge by Pierce’s Cameron Meyer to take the checkered flag. Norfolk’s Jordan Uehling won a three-car battle for third.

Clarkson’s Jeff Zimmerman came in eighth, and Columbus’ Brenda Prigge was 10th.

The SLMR Late Models also made a special appearance at the track and treated the fans to some exciting action.

After a trio of early cautions, Marquette’s Kyle Berck took the lead on Lap 4 and left the rest of the field in his dust. He held the lead following another caution on Lap 12 and wasn’t challenged the rest of the way, leading 22 of the 25 laps.

Madison’s Travis Dickes finished second, and Norfolk’s Tad Pospisil was third. Mike Marushak, of David City, came in 16th.

The first week of Kid’s Night also kicked off at the track, and prizes were given away to several children. Kid’s Night continues next week and will last through July.

U.S. 30 Speedway

Thursday’s results

Sport Mod

• Feature — 1. James Kleinheksel, 7W, Columbus; 2. Geoff Olson, 2G, Sioux City, Iowa; 3. Kyle Prauner, 5K, Norfolk; 4. Tyler Afrank, 11A, Norfolk; 5. Nick Topil, 7T, Rising City; 6. Trent Roth, 14, Columbus; 7. Rod Bronson, 54R, Hooper; 8. Nelson Vollbrecht, 11X, Stanton; 9. Austin Svoboda, 16, David City; 10. Dion Kovar, 18, Rising City; 11. David Johnson, 97, Norfolk; 12. Mitch Coble, M22, Columbus; 13. Anthony Kobus, 13, David City; 14. Kevin Kloke, 35, David City; 15. Roger Eaton, 25X, Bruno; 16. Brad Brabec, 1B, Norfolk; 17. Nate Thompson, 3T, Fremont; 18. Ken Eckhoff, 5, Hooper; 19. Jason Harms, 17A, David City; 20. Denny Berghahn Sr., 6X, Plattsmouth.

• Heat Winners — Svoboda; Prauner; Thompson.

Open Street Stock

• Feature — 1. Brandon Kresha, 21, David City; 2. Ron Velba, 55, York; 3. Zach Zentner, 49, Cedar Rapids; 4. Ron Pettitt, 12, Norfolk; 5. Troy Bergman, 31B, Columbus; 6. Kyle Becker, 27, Columbus; 7. Jerrid Becker, 9J, Columbus; 8. Kyle Kraus, 24, Columbus; 9. Dale Primrose Jr, 4, Norfolk; 10. Denny Berghahn Sr., 6X, Plattsmouth.

• Heat Winner — Kresha.

Hobby Stock

• Feature — 1. Brandon Wergin, 2, Milford; 2. Jason Wilkinson, 52, Neligh; 3. Colby Langenberg, 1J, Norfolk; 4. Jeff Ware, 83, Columbus; 5. Austin Brauner, 10A, St. Edward; 6. Matt Haase, 81, Norfolk; 7. Nic Kimmel, 17K, Norfolk; 8. Brent Van Diest, 4B, Columbus; 9. Andrew Gehring, 23R, Platte Center; 10. Jason Overholt, 27, Omaha; 11. Tiffany Bittner, 95B, Norfolk; 12. Brent Jochum, 4J, Norfolk; 13. Kevin Krohn, 38, Albion; 14. Allen Houdersheldt, 11N, Columbus; 15. Nick Eaton, 33, Columbus; 16. Shane Schneider, 15X, Fremont.

• B Feature Winner — Overholt.

• Heat Winners — Ware; Haase; Van Diest.

Sport Compact

• Feature — 1. David Dembowski, 52, Grand Island; 2. Cameron Meyer, 21, Pierce; 3. Jordan Uehling, 58J, Norfolk; 4. Shannon Pospisil, 00, Norfolk; 5. Nick Linblad, 26, Beatrice; 6. Kaleb Jasperson, 4, Norfolk; 7. Tyler Vukonich, 21T, Fremont; 8. Jeff Zimmerman, 61, Clarkson; 9. Trenton Dowty, 53T, Fremont; 10. Brenda Prigge, 80, Columbus; 11. Robert Gresher, 73, Fremont.

• Heat Winners — Jasperson; Dembowski.

SLMR Late Model

• Feature — 1. Kyle Berck, 14, Marquette; 2. Travis Dickes, 21T, Madison; 3. Tad Pospisil, 04, Norfolk; 4. Bill Leighton, 24, Omaha; 5. Cory Zeitner, 26JR, Bellevue; 6. Bob Milender, 77B; 7. Justin Zeitner, Z62, La Vista; 8. Mike Wiarda, 1W, Aurora; 9. NA; 10. Mike Collins, 3, Council Bluffs, Iowa; 11. Eric Vanosdull, 9, Hoskins; 12. Jim Johnson, 36, Plainview; 13. Robbie Anderson, 82, Blair; 14. Mike Benson, 71, Wakefield; 15. Ben Sukup, 07, Norfolk; 16. Mike Marushak, 5X, David City; 17. Dean Wilkinson, 52, Neligh; 18. Bryan Molt, 11B, Cedar Rapids; 19. Rick Vanderheiden, 17V, Springfield; 20. Andrew Kosiski, 2X, Omaha.

• Heat Winners — J. Zeitner; Pospisil; Kosiski.

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