This week we take a look at the All-Star League at Westbrook Lanes. This is a 15-team league that bowls on Tuesdays. Each team has five members play each week and the league goes for 35 weeks, split into two halves. The winners of each half meet in the finals.

With thirteen weeks in the books, Johnny Boy’s Pizza sits in first with a 34-18 record. Jerry Kroeker, Scott Gottschall, Dave Westfall, Jerry Crilly, Rob Brunken, Tom Moore and Marlin Rieck make up the Johnny Boy’s Pizza team. J P Trucking, the defending champions, sit in 11th place and will have to look at winning the second half in order to defend their title. Gary Muth, Shane Gottschall, Darrell Janssen, Kyle Brestel, John Eckholt, Dave Hellbusch and Warren Hellbusch all bowl for J P Trucking.

Westbrook U-Haul holds both the high team game and series with a 1222 and a 3471. Dennis Meyer, Patrick Meyer, James Meyer, Brady Hoefer, Randy Luellman and myself all bowl for Westbrook U-Haul. On the individual side, there have been three perfect games rolled. They were shot by teammates Moore and Gottschall, along with yours truly. The high series is a 836, also by me. Eckholt carries the high league average with a 223.13.

Following league play last week, Johnny Boy’s Pizza rolled the high team game with a 1152. J n J Vapor shot the high team series with a 3133. Victor Cardenas, Corey Bruce, Chuck Korth, Mike Woosley and Brandon Silvey bowled for J n J Vapor. Larry Haiar shot the high series for the night with a 700. I tossed the high game with a 289.

Five bowlers were at least 100 pins over their series average. Leading the way was Korth with a 606 (+165). Next were teammates Dan Oakley with a 675 (+135) and Ed Brezenski with a 619 (+112). Bruce Smith was next with a 632 (+110). Last, but not least, Victor Cardenas with a 664 (+106).

Sixteen other bowlers shot games that were at least 50 pins higher than their averages. Justin Epley’s 244 (+92), Kroeker’s 246 (+71), Zach Martensen’s 265 (+67), Gary Groteluschen’s 236 (+66), Gary Ewers’ 224 (+62), Troy Unger’s 198 (+60), Derek Haiar’s 233 (+59), Woosley’s 256 (+57), Steve Murphy’s 192 (+57), Dillon Lesiak’s 246 (+56), Randy Korger’s 235 (+56), Randy Van Dyke’s 212 (+56), Gottschall’s 256 (+53), Moore’s 265 (+52), Jim Anson’s 235 (+52) and finally, Corey Bruce’s 210 (+50). Nice bowling to one and all.

Terry Henke named Dan Borowiak, Stacie Rickert and Duane Spitz as Boulevard Lanes’ bowlers of the week. Borowiak shot the high series for the week with a 793 on games of 268-258-267 to claim the men’s pick. Rickert took the women’s selection with a 224 game and a 611 series. Spitz took the senior nod with a 225 game and 638 series. Ryan Lewis shot the high game for the men with a 276. The ladies were led by Wanda Borowiak and Emily Hoefer. Borowiak had a 236 game, while Hoefer shot a 624 series.

Westbrook Lanes' bowlers of the week are Eric Brabec, Kim Hablitzel and Don Gablenz. Brabec’s 280 game and 760 series earned him the men’s honor for the week. The ladies choice was Hablitzel for her 233 game and 601 series. The senior honor went to Gablenz for his 226 game and 568 series. Shawna Woosley had the high game and series for the ladies this past week with a 256 and a 647. Eckholt had the high series for the men with a 770, while my 289 was the high game.

Next week, I hope to feature another Tuesday night league.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Dan Borowiak 268 – 793

Stacie Rickert 224 – 611

Duane Spitz 225 – 638

Westbrook Lanes

Eric Brabec 280 – 760

Kim Hablitzel 233 – 601

Don Gablenz 226 – 568

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.