Today, we take a look at the Streamliner League, which is one of the original leagues that is still going since bowling was first sanctioned in Columbus.

I discovered this while talking with the secretary of the Monday night league at Boulevard Lanes, Jane Cline. Cline, who has been the league's secretary for more than twenty years, tells me she thinks it is the only league still going from the charter members.

The co-ed Streamliner league is made up of six teams, each with five members. The league still bowls 34 weeks, with the season split in halves. Just five weeks into the new year, Sax’s Pizza sits in first with a 13-7 record. Jean Switzer, Virginia Pocwierz, Amy Samsel, Michelle Lowther, Vicki Hanus, Denise McCarthy, Shirley Hughes and Cline make up the defending champions.

The high team game and series belongs to Kelly’s Wildtree, with an 858 and a 2446. Kelly Burge, Dawn Socha, Mandi Canet, Kassidy Benson, Kyle Brestel, Denise Reese, Michele Goebel and Holly Smith all bowl for Kelly’s Wildtree.

Anthony Valdez leads the men with a 235 game and 601 series. Brestel has the high average with a 189.78. For the ladies, Jennifer Reynoldson has the high game with a 214 and high series with a 563. Linda Brichacek has the high average with a 163.56. To qualify for the individual highs, one must have bowled at least 50% of the leagues games.

The league also keeps track of most pins over average for game and series. For the ladies, Tracy Matas holds the spot for most pins over game, with her 195 game, which was 63 pins over average. Reynoldson's 563 series is 107 pins over her series average. The men are led by Mitchell Pfeifer, who was 50 pins over with a 198 game and 39 pins over with a 480 series.

Sax’s Pizza shot both the high team game and series with a 803 and 2225 during league play on Sept. 25. The men were led by Valdez with a 225 game and a 570 series. Cline was tops for the women with a 210 game and a 540 series.

There were six bowlers that shot at least 30 pins above their averages. Mitchell Pfeifer’s 198 game is now the season high for the men. Kelly’s Wildtree saw teammates Benson and Smith shoot 35 pins and 33 pins over, respectively. Benson had a 179, while Smith shot a 134. Janet Zywiec’s 165 was 32 pins to the good. Hanus and April Kresha both were 31 pins on the positive side. Hanus had a 191, while Kresha had a 156. Nice bowling to one and all.

John Eckholt named Stacie Rickert, Warren Hellbusch and yours truly as Westbrook Lanes' bowlers of the week. Rickert led the ladies' honor for the week with a 226 game and a 577 series. Hellbusch took home the senior honor with a 244 game. I led the men for the past week with a 288 game and a 743 series.

Terry Henke selected Jared Henke, Heather Jakub and Carol Nicholson as the bowlers of the week from Boulevard Lanes. Jared Henke earned the men’s selection with a 735 series on games of 244, 257 and 234. Jakub’s 235 game and 611 series, was good enough to take the ladies' honor. The senior pick went to Nicholson for her 201 game and 484 series. Emily Hoefer led all the ladies for the week with a 722 series on scores of 264-216-242. The 264 game was high for the week. The men were led by Tim Matas and Jeff Nitz. Matas had the high game with a 289, while Nitz tossed the high series with a 782 on games of 258, 268 and 256.

Next week, I hope to feature the Monday Night Strikers league.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Jared Henke 257 – 735

Heather Jakub 235 – 611

Carol Nicholson 201 – 484

Westbrook Lanes

Chuck McCarthy 288 – 743

Stacie Rickert 226 – 577

Warren Hellbusch 244 – xxx

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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