This week's featured league is the Monday Go-Getters from Westbrook Lanes.

The league has twelve teams that run 34 weeks, with two halves of 17 weeks. Even though the league is divided into halves, the league doesn’t have a roll off between the winners of each half. The league champion is determined by most overall wins by the winners of each half.

Prior to league play on Nov. 6, the Swingers sat in first place with a 29.5-10.5 record. The Swingers also hold the high team game and team series for the season with a 831 and a 2487. The Swingers consist of Jim Legenza, Gary Stenger, Don Peters, Jim Thalken and Steve Reichmuth. On the individual side for the men, Marlin Rieck has the high game with a 258. Reichmuth has the high series with a 717, while Gary Muth carries the high average with a 204. On the ladies side of things, Barb Sampson holds all three of the top spots. High game of 222, high series of 592 and high average with a 176.

During league play on Nov. 6, both Rieck's and Sampson's high game scores were topped. Deb Murcek rolled a 241, while Muth tossed a 268. Murcek was 80 pins over her average, while Muth was 64 pins above average. Murcek finished with a 591, which was 108 pins over her series average. Muth was also over the century mark (+103), coming within three pins of a new league-high series with a 714. The Swingers were the top team as they shot a 800 game and a 2237 series.

Besides Murcek and Muth, there were three other bowlers that past the century mark over their series averages. Rich Braun’s 625 series was 106 pins to the good. John Atkins was 103 pins to the positive with a 520 series. Last, but not least, Walt Niedbalski was 100 pins over with a 538 series.

There were a dozen other bowlers that tossed games that were at least thirty pins above their averages. Leading the way at 60 pins over with a 216 was John Morinelli. Don Gablenz’s 214 was 58 pins above. Doug Johnson was 57 pins over with a 202. Butch Paben was next at 56 pins above average with a 236. Sheila Thalken’s 187 was 55 pins to the good. Both June Everhart and LoJean Morgan were 43 pins on the positive side with games of 193 and 183, respectively. Marv Rinkol’s 193 was 41 pins over. Stenger’s 215 was 38 pins above. Rieck was 36 pins over with a 235. Dan Rief was 31 pins to the good with a 211. Finally, at 30 pins above, Rich Morgan had a 214. Nice bowling to one and all.

John Eckholt selected Jeremy Mueller, Zach Martensen and Ralph Jilg as Westbrook Lanes' bowlers of the week. Mueller and Martensen tied for the high game for the men with a 279. Mueller finished with a 684 series, while Martensen had the high series for the men with a 781. Jilg took the senior honor with a 607 series. Stacie Rickert led the ladies with a 246 game and a 633 series. Eckholt also tied for the men’s high game with a 279. Brandon Silvey earns honorable mention with a 278 game and a 748 series.

Terry Henke chose Patrick Meyer, Tiffany Rerucha and Larry Holmes as Boulevard Lanes' bowlers of the week. Meyer rolled a 709 series on games of 258-226-225. Rerucha shot the high series for the women with a 612, with her top game being a 224. The senior pick went to Holmes with a 210 game and a 578 series. Wanda Borowiak had the high game for the women with a 244. Stephen Krzycki tossed the high series for the men with a 721 on scores of 222-244-255. The high game for the men was rolled by myself with a 279.

Next week I hope to feature the Senior Leisure league from Westbrook Lanes.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Patrick Meyer 258 – 709

Tiffany Rerucha 224 – 612

Larry Holmes 210 – 578

Westbrook Lanes

Jeremy Mueller 279 – 684

Zach Martensen 279 – 781

Ralph Jilg xxx – 607

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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