The Satellite league from Boulevard Lanes gets the spotlight this week.

The Satellite league bowls on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. There are 11, five-member teams that bowl for 33 weeks.

With fourteen weeks gone in the first half, Boulevard Lanes sit in first place with a 44-12 record. Tom Loseke, Ryan Lewis, Bob Clifford, Justin Krzycki, Stephen Krzycki and Steve Hoffman bowl for Boulevard Lanes this season.

Sharp Home Solutions holds the high team series with a 3,180. Ken Henggeler, Don Sieh, Rod Fuhr, Rod Zarek, Dick Van Dyke, Brett Swierczek, Randy Jasper and Al Starzec have all bowled at least 21 games for Sharp Home Solutions. The high team game is 1,136 by Awards & Engraving. Craig Spohn, Brian Wunderlich, Tony Jasper, Scott Swanson, Keaton Swanson, Steve Korger, Dan Korger, Larry Korger, Adam Korger and Dave Korger have all bowled for that team. Jeff Nitz has the high series with a 782 and high average with a 222. Dan Determan rolled the high game with a 289.

During league play on Nov. 28 Boulevard Lanes rolled the high team game with a 1,080. Todd Hassebrook, Marc Lindahl, Jeff Huhman, Tony Dvorak and Wayne Ballentine led Gus’s Pro Shop to the high team series with a 2,894. Dvorak had the high game for the night with a 267, 98 pins over average. He added games of 198 and 202 for a 667 series, a whopping 167 pins over his average. Nitz rolled the high series for the evening with a 695.

Don Waak was over the century mark for his series average. He had games of 224, 224 and 181 for a 629, a plus-128. His 224 games were 57 pins over.

There were seven bowlers who rolled games that were at least 40 pins over average. Ballentine led the way with his 257 (+65). Steve Korger had a 222 (+61). Justin Krzycki rolled a 256 (+50). Lewis had a 225 (+48). Dennis Brichacek shot a 182 (+44). Jason Prososki had a 250 (+40). Last, but not least was Roy Papa’s 209 (+40). Nice bowling to one and all.

John Eckholt selected Dennis Meyer, Dillon Lesiak and Gary Stenger as Westbrook Lanes' bowlers of the week. Meyer rolled the high series for the week with a 751. Lesiak was named co-bowler of the week for the men, as he shot a 276 game and a 710 series. The senior nod went to Stenger for his 255 game and 676 series. Shawna Woosley led the ladies with a 215 game and a 574 series. The high game for the men was a 279. Gary Muth, Kyle Brestel, Rob Brunken and Eckholt all tied for the high game.

Boulevard Lanes’ Terry Henke named Tyler Peterson, Dave Neemeyer and Rich Fuhr as his bowlers of the week. Peterson rolled the high game for the week with a 300. He added games of 248 and 267 for a 815 series, which also was high for the week. Neemeyer shared the men’s honor with a 732 series on scores of 243-234-255. Fuhr earned the senior pick with a 221 game and a 591 series. The ladies were led by Traci Ryba-Grant and Jane Moore. Ryba-Grant shot the high game with a 233, while Moore’s 573 series was tops for the week. Peterson wasn’t the only one to find perfection, as Lee Aschoff also tossed a 300 game.

Next week we’ll take a look at the Centennial league from Boulevard Lanes.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Tyler Peterson 300 – 815

Dave Neemeyer 255 – 732

Rich Fuhr 221 – 591

Westbrook Lanes

Dennis Meyer xxx – 751

Dillon Lesiak 276 – 710

Gary Stenger 255 – 676

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.