The Open and Women’s City Tournaments are 10 days away and it's time to begin reserving your spots.

Westbrook Lanes will be hosting both tournaments for three weekends -- Jan. 20 and 21, Jan. 27 and 28 and Feb. 3 and 4.

The squad times for Saturday’s are 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Sunday’s squad times are 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. The first squad times on both days, you may bowl either team or singles and doubles. Singles and doubles are scheduled for the second squad times both days. The final squad each day is slated for the team event. Just as last year, the Open & Women’s Tournament will possibly have $50 added prize money in the afternoon team squad. If there are at least six Open teams or three Women’s teams bowling in the late squad. The high individual handicap series for both the Open and Women's will receive $50.

The entry fee for each event is $21, while the optional All-Events will be $5. There will be $1,000 extra prize money added to the Open and $400 to the Women’s from Columbus USBC, Westbrook Lanes, Premier Distributing and Schumacher, Smejkal, Brockhaus & Herley PC. All prize fees are returned 100 percent in cash and trophies. One prize for every three entries for the Women’s tournament, while the Open tournament is one in four entries. All-Events pay back one in ten for the Open, while one in six for the Women’s tournament. Handicap for both the Open and Women’s tournament will be 90 percemt from 220. The Columbus USBC board feels this gives everyone more of a chance to cash in each event.

Again this year, we will have a drawing for all participants who bowled in all three events in either respective tournament. First prize will be $100, second prize is $50, while both third and fourth prizes will be $25. The drawing will be held during the Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet and you need to be present to win. The Banquet will be held March 3rd at the VFW. Social hour from 6-7 p.m., with the meal being served after. Tickets will be $15.

Multiple entries on team, doubles and singles will be allowed up to five times for the Women’s tournament. Exact details about multiple entries are on the back of the entry form. The Open allows multiple team entries. Details on multiple team entries are explained on the back of the entry blank. In doubles, you may bowl twice. One entry being of same gender and the other being mixed. In all multiple singles and doubles entries, the singles event must be bowled, but you may cash only once. The first entry in all three events will be used in your all-events score.

You can pick up an entry blank at either bowling center. You may also contact Gary Muth at 402-910-6502 about reserving your time slots. You can mail your entries to Gary Muth at 958 13th Street, Columbus, Nebraska, 68601.

Terry Henke named Gary “Taco Technician” Slizoski, Shayla Long and Don Bohaty as Boulevard Lanes' bowlers of the week. Slizoski rolled a 723 series on games of 268-230-225 to earn the men’s honor. Long took the ladies honor for the past week with a 691 series and a 235 game, her other two scores were 226 and 230. Bohaty earned the senior’s choice with his 502 series. Dennis Meyer led all the men with a 300 game and a 773 series.

John Eckholt selected Jeremiah Bollig, Karen Bulkley and Bob Hopp as Westbrook Lanes' bowlers of the week. Bollig tossed a 233 game and a 679 series to claim the men’s honor. Bulkley’s 544 series earned her the women’s pick. Hopp earned the senior’s nod with a 258 game and a 610 series. Shawna Woosley led all the ladies with a 218 game and a 613 series. Trev Muth had the high game for the men with a 265, while Eckholt had the high series with a 706.

Until next week, please get your times reserved for the city tournament.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Gary Slizoski 268 – 723

Shayla Long 235 – 691

Don Bohaty xxx – 502

Westbrook Lanes

Jeremiah Bollig 233 – 679

Karen Bulkley xxx – 544

Bob Hopp 258 – 610

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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