Another bowling season is upon us.

It seems like it wasn't that long ago we were finishing up the bowling season in the spring. When this article hits the paper most leagues will be in their third or fourth week of play. But it's not too late to get a team together. There are still leagues yet to start.

On behalf of our two fine bowling centers, we want to welcome back our bowlers.

Terry Henke and the staff at Boulevard Lanes would like to welcome everyone to another great season of bowling and fun. They hope everyone had a great summer, even though it has gone by too fast.

Henke says they have a short-season league that is starting this week and you can still join in on the fun. Boulevard Lanes also have their youth leagues that will be starting next week. If you or someone you know is interested in joining a league, call 402-564-8022 and ask for Terry.

Sahara Lounge broadcasts all the Nebraska football games and has different promotions for each one.

Henke and the staff hope to see all of you this fall. They want to thank their customers for their patronage and are excited about the year to come.

John Eckholt is excited to get another bowling season started at Westbrook Lanes. His staff consists of Justin and Jordan Eckholt. The Eckholt twins are co-managers of Lamplighter Lounge.

Over the summer, Westbrook did a makeover at the front counter.

Lamplighter Lounge also features specials during Husker games.

Eckholt also wants to thank everyone who bowls, whether in league or open bowling. He wants to thank everyone that visits the Lamplighter Lounge. A special thanks goes out to Gary Muth and the local bowling association board for all the unpaid hours they put in to help the two bowling centers. A big thanks to all the league secretaries. Eckholt says they still have a few openings in some of their leagues, if interested, please give him a call at 402-563-3000.

Once again, Westbrook Lanes wants to thank everyone who helps support them throughout the year. They work hard to make your experience fun and enjoyable.

Each Thursday morning, both bowling centers will send me their selections for bowler of the week from the past seven days. Most weeks they will pick one bowler from a men’s, women’s and a senior league. They will also list the high game and series from the past week for both the men and women.

Not all notable scores that are shot during the past week make the article. The bowlers are selected by Eckholt from Westbrook Lanes and Henke from Boulevard Lanes. They make their selection from the media sheets filled out by the league secretaries following play. Both bowling centers do a great job on making their picks. So without further ado, here are the Week 1 bowlers of the week.

Week 1 honors from Boulevard Lanes go to Rick Hanus, Tiffany Rerucha and Jerry Stutzman. Hanus earned the men’s honor by rolling his first ever 300 game. He added games of 202 and 217 for a 719 series. Rerucha was the ladies' choice with a 236 game and a 607 series. Stutzman took home the senior selection with a 289 game and a 646 series. Dave Neemeyer tossed the high series for the men with a 776 on scores of 232-280-264. Shayla Long had the high game for the women with a 248, while Emily Hoefer had the high series for the week with a 668 on scores of 247-216-205. Jim Murcek, who will be moving to Arizona in November, wanted to make sure he made my article at least one more time. Murcek did it by leaving the 5-7-10 during the Centennial league.

Eckholt picked Brady Hoefer, Barb Sampson and Gary Muth as his bowlers of the week at Westbrook Lanes. Hoefer tossed the high series for the men with a 718 to pick up the men’s honor. Sampson led all the ladies for the week with a 238 game and a 656 series. Gary Muth earned the senior nod for a 226 game and a 632 series. The high game for the men was a 277, rolled by yours truly. Nice bowling to one and all.

Next week, I’m hoping we get to hear from president Dirk White.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Rick Hanus 300 – 719

Tiffany Rerucha 236 – 607

Jerry Stutzman 289 – 646

Westbrook Lanes

Brady Hoefer xxx – 718

Barb Sampson 238 – 656

Gary Muth 226 – 632


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