Here we are in mid-September. As you get older, your days, months and years seem to go by faster and faster.

A lot of the younger anglers hang their rods up and go on to the next thing like football or hunting and getting ready for a deer hunt.

But us old-timers, now is the time to get out and fish. For one thing, there are fewer crowds. Another is that all species of fish are easily accessible. Again, like spring, you can fish the whole day instead of just mornings and evenings.

This weekend is the last tournament on the canal and it includes the entire canal system. You can even fish Lake North and that’s where I’ll put some of my time in. But that’s only a guess. Good luck to all contestants in the tournament.

This is usually when I say it’s time to get out in the woods and enjoy the scenery of nature, but when you only have lease ground, you know in the back of your head that it isn’t forever. But I still have about 45 years of memories with my dad, brothers, in-laws, cousins and friends and I will never lose those.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

Dan Kneifel is manager of Geno’s Minno Mart in Columbus. His column on fishing and other outdoor activities will appear weekly during the fishing season.