NOTICE OF PASSAGE & PUBLICATION OFORDINANCE No. 2018-14Public notice is hereby given that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Schuyler, Nebraska, at their meeting on October 2, 2018 passed and approved Ordinance No. 2018-14 the title of which reads as follows:AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SCHUYLER, NEBRASKA, AMENDING CHAPTER 11 OF THE ZONING CODE, AS INCORPORATED INTO CHAPTER 154 OF THE SCHUYLER MUNICIPAL CODE, ARTICLE 10, SIGN REGULATIONS BY ADDING AN ADDITIONAL PROVISION TO SECTION 11-1010, GENERAL PERMIT PROCEDURES REGARDING SIGNS EXCEEDING STANDARDS FOR PERMITTED PROCEDURES OR EXEMPTION FROM PERMITTED PROCEDURES; TO ADOPT A NEW SECTION 11-1012 RELATING TO MASTER SIGNAGE PLANS FOR SIGNAGE APPLICATIONS EXCEEDING EXISTING CODE PROVISIONS; TO REPEAL ALL ORDINANCE OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH; AND TO PROVIDE WHEN SAID ORDINANCE SHALL TAKE EFFECT.Said ordinance has been published in pamphlet form. A copy of the ordinance as so published is available for public inspection during daytime office hours at the Municipal Building located at 1103 B Street, Schuyler, Nebraska./s/David F. Reinecke, MayorATTEST:Lora JohnsonCity Clerk10:11:18


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