NOTICE TO DEFENDANTS TO: Defendants, Spouse of Kenneth Pernicek, real name unknown, and Spouse of Loretta F. Woehl, real name unknown. Notice is hereby given that on the August 13, 2018, CitiBank, N.A, not in its individual capacity, but solely as Trustee of NRZ Pass-Through Trust VI, as the plaintiff, filed its Complaint in the District Court of Butler County, Nebraska, Case No. CI 18-62, against Kenneth Pernicek, marital status unknown, Spouse of Kenneth Pernicek, real name unknown, and Spouse of Loretta F. Woehl, real name unknown, Rick Damkroger, Trustee and Green Tree Financial Servicing Corporation, Beneficiary, the object and prayer of which is to quiet title and to foreclose a certain deed of trust on the property described as: LOTS 1 AND 2, BLOCK 2, PEKAREK'S ADDITION TO BRAINARD, BUTLER COUNTY, NEBRASKA. TAX MAP OR PARCEL ID NO: 120030660, which was executed on August 27, 2001, by Kenneth Pernicek, and delivered to American Pioneer Title Insurance Company, Trustee, for the benefit of Nebraska Inc. dba Beneficial MortgageCo., Beneficiary, and which was duly recorded on November 20, 2015 as Instrument No. 15-01682 in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Butler County, Nebraska. Such deed of trust was given to secure the payment of a certain promissory note in writing dated August 27, 2001. The plaintiff alleges in its Complaint that there is now due the plaintiff on said note the principal sum of $37,087.76, together with interest thereon pursuant to the terms set forth in the Note. The plaintiff is the owner of the beneficial interest under such deed of trust, and is the holder of the indebtedness secured thereby. The plaintiff prays that in default of payment by the defendants of the amount due the plaintiff as aforesaid, such mortgaged premises be decreed to be sold according to law to satisfy the sums found due the plaintiff, with interest and costs of suit, and that such defendants be forever barred and foreclosed of all right, title, lien, equity of redemption or other interest in, to and upon such mortgaged premises. You are required to answer such Complaint on or before the 27th day of October, 2018. CITIBANK, N.A. NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, BUT SOLELY AS TRUSTEE OF NRZ PASS-THROUGH TRUST VI, Plaintiff, By: ERIC H. LINDQUIST, P.C., L.L.O. 8712 WEST DODGE ROAD, #260 OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68114 TELEPHONE (402) 829-0400 Its Attorney 09:13,20,27:18


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