Details for RICK GRUBAUGH - REMAX TOTAL REALTY - Ad from 2020-03-14

Military and SportS ColleCtibleS


Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at 10:00 AM
347 Gerrard Ave., Monroe Auditorium, Monroe, NE

auctioneers note: This auction will feature firearms, some very unique military
collectibles of which many were brought back from battle lines, several goose and duck
decoys and many other treasures
special treasures: 1952
Pick-up, 3 speed
on the column,
newer paint,
interior and
tires, runs great;
1948 Studebaker Champion ONLY
33,000 Miles, Excellent Condition;
Fancy 2 Seat Surrey/Buggy with
Double and Single Horse Shafts, Mint
Condition – has Electric Sidelights,
Tuck and Roll Upholstery, Pinstriped;
Fenders, Detachable Side Curtains,
Rubber Lined Wheels

military collectibles:
Japanese Wooden Samurai Practice
Sword; Heidelberg Castle Relief
Plaque; Nazi Labor Homefront Plaque;
Karl Donitz Framed and Signed
Portrait; WWII Afrikan Pith Helmet;
1949 Military Sleeping Bag w/canvas
bag; 1967 Vietcong NVA Battle Flag;
Vietcong Boonie Hat; Vietcong Scarf;
South Vietnamese Army ARVIN Painted
Helmet; Chinese Army Camo Boots; US
Marked Vietnam Combat Field Pack w/
Belt, Canteen and Suspenders

other collectibles: Original
Early 1900’s Pull Chain Porcelain and
Wood Toilet; Early 1900’s Reproduction
White Eagle Gasoline Pump; Metal
Sculpture of WWII Soldier in Full
Firearms and more: 1906 Savage Uniform by E. Carlier of Paris, France;
22 Cal. Pump, model 1906; Stevens
Plaster/Chalk Soldier Sculpture; Several
12 Gauge Trench/Riot Shotgun, US
Framed Prints – Original Vintage Print
marked, battlefield used, low serial
of Rose Breasted Grosbeak; Framed
#6643; Remington Model 24 22 Cal.
Original Bachman’s Warbler Print;
Automatic, model 1931, ser. #108049;
Pair of French Framed Original Prints
Russian Mosin-Nagant WWII Battle
– Rosier des Parfumeurs; Copies of
Rifle, ser. #6374; WWII Japanese Last
Ditch Battle Rifle w/Mum, ser. #5494; Classic Gorman, Delaunay and Childe
US M14 Mfg. by Springfield Armory w/ Hassan Paintings; Vintage Framed Les
National Match Sight, ser. #151341;
Couba Print; Much More
1887 Enfield Martini Henry w/Bayonet,
hunting and sports items:
ser. # 6056; Remington 12 Ga. Trench/
Very Unique Elk Antler Base and Glass
Riot Shotgun, ser. # 110442; Vietnam
M14 Rubberduck Training Rifle, early Top Coffee Table; Folbot Foldable/
Packable 2 Person Kayak with Oars;
war; Winchester Model 62A 22 Cal.
Pump, ser. #145646; and Much More
Dozens of GNH Mallard Duck Decoys
and Flambeau Duck Decoys; Avian
Grubaugh Auction Service Goose Decoys – Full Bodies w/Flocked
Rick Grubaugh • 402-276-1210 •
Heads Much More
4 Wheeler: 2006
Eiger Quadrunner,
4 x 4 ATV w/Sprayer,
1057 miles,
camo paint, shedded