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Crossword puzzle

Last board
of a marathon
by Phillip Alder
The final of the 1983 Bermuda Bowl world team championship in Stockholm was a
marathon 176 boards between
Italy (Giorgio BelladonnaBenito Garozzo, Dano De Falco-Arturo Franco and Lorenzo
Lauria-Carlo Mosca) and the
United States (Michael Becker-Ronnie Rubin, Bob Hamman-Bobby Wolff and Alan
Sontag-Peter Weichsel).
With this board to be played,
the Americans were ahead by
3 international match points
because, on the previous deal,
Belladonna and Garozzo had
had a bidding misunderstanding and reached six spades off
two aces.
One table finished well
ahead of the other. Mosca
(North) and Lauria had reached
three no-trump after North
opened one strong club, and
South responded one no-trump,
calling his hand balanced. Declarer had guessed well to cash
the diamond ace, and had taken
one spade, two hearts, four diamonds and two clubs.
In the given auction, Weichsel (North) also opened with an
artificial one club, showing 16
points or more. Sontag (South)
jumped to two diamonds,
promising at least a five-card
suit and 8 points. North then
used two asking bids, learning


that South had 2=2=5=4 distribution and 8-10 points. What
did North do next?
North knew of a double fit
in the minors, but the numerous
spectators could see that five of
either minor was doomed.
After an age, Weichsel
passed out three no-trump.
But might Sontag lose two
diamond tricks? No, he started
with the ace, and when East
discarded a club on the run of
the diamonds, South took 11
tricks. The United States had
won by 413 imps to 408.


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