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New Construction Corner

with Vladimir

Building your dream home: Evaluating the Electrical






your home is the opportunity to design
throughout the entire building process.
Once your house is framed, I recommend
setting up a time to meet with your
electrician for a walk-through. This lets you
see how the house is progressing and




components are going to be places. During
this phase of construction, homeowners can still make changes at a minimal cost.
Next,think about outside outlets.If you plan on celebrating the holidays by decorating
the outside of your home, make sure you have enough outlets to support your holiday
spirit. Or, if you spend your summers in the backyard, make sure there are outlets near
your outdoor furniture.
Remember to give serious consideration to two and three way switches throughout
your home.This adds convenience and a sense of security while you are in your home.
In the next issue we’ll delve into designing the perfect outdoor entertainment space.
About the author
Vladimir Oulianov has been a specialist in energy-efficient homes in Lincoln since 2002.
He is ranked in the top 100 real estate agents in the U.S. and is the top Salesperson in
Lincoln for the last 6 years. Other awards include a Lincoln’s Choice Award from the
Lincoln Journal Star for Best real estate agent, a 40 under 40 Award from the Lincoln
Business Journal and Realtor of the Year from Woods Bros Realty.
Vladimir’s Real Estate Services believes in Fair Housing and an Equal Opportunity for
all. Contact him at 402-890-0535 or

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