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Wardcraft Bellevue & Columbus Home Sympo

Bellevue Sept 4 Holiday Inn Express, Columbus Sept 5 Ramada 12-1 or 6-7pm •2x6 construction
Come learn about the modular building process, the faster
and stronger way to build. 2x6 construction allows for more
insulation. Blown insulation eliminates gaps & voids thus a
tighter building envelope. Computerized saws allow precision
cuts avoiding gaps that cause air infiltration. Custom build OR
choose one of our plans. With over 5,700 homes built since
1971 Wardcraft has the experience you deserve.

FREE CATALOG! 1-888-927-3272

•Over 800 cabinets
•Custom build
•R-23/R-49 blown
insulation standard
•Optional R-32/R-60

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