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By Sam Potter

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Breakthrough Relief for
Back Pain & Sciatica

IF YOU suffer
from low back pain
and sciatica, you
are one of over
20 million adults in
the US with
program for reconstructing the
this often crippling
damaged area causing the pain.
spinal condition.
This means superior and long-term
Shooting, stabbing, and burning results for most people.”
pains from the low back, sometimes
Because the treatment is
with additional pain through the
non-surgical, safe, and easy, most
buttocks and down the legs are all
patients report almost immediate
symptoms of pinched nerves, often
relief from their pain.
called “sciatica”.
Dr. Justin of Lincoln says,
In severe cases, it can lead to
“Dr. Kepler saved me from surgery,
muscle wasting, numbness, and
and I am a Chiropractor. When I
constant tingling down to the tip of
damaged a disc in my low back,
the toes. Left untreated, the intense
the pain was so much that I could
pain can rapidly wear you down
not sit down, sleep, drive, or work.
and drain the joy out of your life.
I saw four other specialists before I
That is, until now...
went to Dr. Kepler. His specialized
Recent advances in the treatment equipment, highly trained staff,
as well as his gentle light-force
of sciatica and lower back pain
technique proved to be the
have led to the development and
difference. I am back to work and
huge success of Non-Surgical
I feel better than I have in a long
Re-Constructive Spinal Care.
time. I would recommend them to
The excellent results of this
Here you get a team that
treatment have been published
to providing a safe
in major medical journals. With
drugs and surgery
success rates as high as 90%, some
to get out of pain
back surgeons are recommending
their patients try this treatment
Your invitation for a
before having back surgery.
consultation and
In Lincoln, you can try
pinpoint the cause of
Non-Surgical Re-constructive
and sciatica . . .
Spinal Care at Kepler Family
We have teamed up with Kepler
Chiropractic – the office of low
back pain and sciatica relief expert Family Chiropractic to help readers
find relief from their persistent
Shane Kepler.
and sciatic pain.
Dr. Kepler and his team have
All you have to do to receive a
helped over 5,000 patients find
relief from their agonizing back
thorough diagnostic examination,
pain and sciatica.
using the most advanced
According to Dr. Kepler, “We use protocol in the world, along
with a comprehensive & easy to
a combination of ultra-advanced
technology, not found elsewhere in understand report on your state of
health, is call 402-438-2090.
Lincoln, for precisely diagnosing
the cause of your low back pain
Mention this article (CODE:
and sciatica, along with a unique
LJS0918) and Dr.Kepler will

happily reduce his usual consultation
fee of $267 to just $27. But hurry,
due to obvious reasons – this is a
limited time offer – with only 100
reader consultations available at
this exclusively discounted rate.
My advice - don’t suffer a moment
Find out if Non-Surgical
Re-Constructive Spinal Care can
help you. Book a consultation with
Dr. Kepler and his team now by
calling 402-438-2090, they are
waiting to take your call today.
They actually treat the cause of
your health problem, not just your
That’s why hundreds of grateful
patients tell them “You gave me
back my life!”
Over the years, they’ve treated
thousands of patients with back
problems and sciatica. The vast
majority of them have enjoyed
superior, lasting relief. In fact,
many who’ve suffered and have
tried other remedies have said
they’ve gotten their lives back!
Call them now to get a full and
thorough examination to pinpoint
the cause of your problem for just
$27. The normal cost of such an
exam is $267, so you will save $240!
Don’t suffer from the pain and
immobility any longer. Discover the
natural treatment that can eliminate
the cause of your problem and give
you the safe and lasting relief you
Call them now at 402-438-2090
and bring this valuable article to
your appointment. You’ll be entitled
to a comprehensive examination to

diagnose the cause of your problem
– and you’ll be on your way to safe,
lasting relief! Don’t delay your
important diagnosis and treatment
another moment!

You can even secure your spot by
calling on the weekend and leaving
a message on t their machine. They
promise to return all call. If calling
during their busy work week, be
sure to leave a message if they do
not pic up right away.

Sciatica Relief Expert Shane
Kepler, says: In 19 years of practice,
I’ve never seen a treatment as
effective as Non-Surgical
Re-Constructive Spinal Care for
patients with sciatica or lower back
For obvious reasons, they can’t
help everyone at this reduced price,
so please call soon to secure your
special opportunity.
Call 402-438-2090 and leave a
message if it’s the weekend or if
the line is busy - they promise they
will get back to you as soon as they
can. Call now at 402-438-2090 and
quote this special discount code:


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