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Fun an d Gam es

Ariana Grande

by Phillip Alder
few players are
so imaginative
In his play “Artist Descending a
Staircase,” Tom Stoppard wrote, “Skill
without imagination is craftsmanship
and gives us many useful objects such as
wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination
without skill gives us modern art.”
How does this apply to bridge players? The best partnerships are usually
those with one player who has skill
without imagination and a second who
has skill with imagination. This pair will
be tough to defeat.
Pietro Forquet and Benito Garozzo,
mainstays of the Italian Blue Team, fit
the bill. In this deal, Garozzo was sitting
East, aided by the fact that it was a pairs
tournament where overtricks were so
South was in six hearts. After
winning the first trick with dummy’s
diamond ace, declarer was tempted to
run the heart jack. But if it won, what
then? A heart to the queen would be fatal
if West suddenly produced the king and
cashed the diamond queen.
Perhaps South should have played a
club to the queen for an immediate diamond ruff, but that wasn’t without risk.
At the table, South led a low trump
from the board. Garozzo played his
king! Taking this card at face value,
South saw an overtrick in his future.
After winning with the ace, he led a
heart to dummy’s jack and played a
club toward his hand. Disaster! Garozzo
ruffed and led a diamond to his partner’s
queen for down one.
Isn’t that the most imaginative defense you ever saw?