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Thank you
Brett Swantek
12/22/1989 - 05/25/2019

In lieu of personal thank you notes to thousands of friends and family members who have
come forward in this time of tragedy to help Lane and I, as well as our whole family; Swantek’s,
Dubas’, Bosak’s Cromwell’s, please accept this thank you from me on behalf of all of us.
Never in my life would I have imagined I would have to go through something like this, and
never in my life would I have imagined just how humbling of
an experience it could turn out to be.
To watch not only your community, but several surrounding communities and states come
together to support you in your time of need, truly leaves you with no words. My heart feels so
very broken, but so lled with love and support at the same time.
I can feel your prayers. There is so much truth in that. The days move forward and when I’m on
the verge of breaking down again, almost every time one of you has texted, messaged, called
or mailed me a letter simply stating that you’re still praying for us. I have found strength inside
of me that I never knew I had because of it.
My husband will be deeply missed by so many. I’ll count on every one of you to help me keep
his memories alive so our son Lane will grow up learning
how much of an amazing Dad he had.
Until then, I’m going to live each day by Brett’s advice himself. “Always have a positive attitude.
Even in the toughest of times. Keep your head up and stay positive.”
God bless you all.
With love, Katie Swantek


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