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Jen Welte, Jan Fremarek,
Jeff Fremarek

Jerry Schulz, Jeff Christensen,
Chick Micek

Mid-American Research Chemical, better known by its trademark
name “MARC” was founded in 1970 and has been owned by the
Fremarek family since 1988.
MARC is a specialty chemical manufacturing company which
produces products such as shop, restroom, sewer, air
conditioning, carpet, drain line, kitchen, deodorants,
insecticides, ice melters, weed killers, disinfectants, retail,
floor care and swimming pool maintenance.
The late Steven Fremarek took MARC from its modest beginnings
to a modern blending facility producing and marketing over 400
products to maintenance professionals and retail outlets.

Roger Herout, Don Schroeder,
Tim Konwinski

Today, Steven’s wife Jan Fremarek, along with their children
Jeff Fremarek and Jen Welte, continue with Steven’s vision to
provide customers with high quality products in a family-oriented
business. Jeff Fremarek has served as President of MARC since
2014. He reflects qualities inspired by his father and has over 20
years of sales and management experience.
MARC is represented in the sales field by 55 professional sales
representatives which serve approximately 30 states.
Headquartered in Columbus, Nebraska, MARC also employs 29
office and plant personnel. MARC is proud to be part of the
Columbus community for the past 50 years!

Theresa Czarnick, Jasmine Hash,
Holly Schulz, Carol Long

Kenneth Hash, Tim Bonk,
Boyd King

Tammy Dolezal, Jill Fremarek,
Julie Hoffman

Dave Petersen,
Petersen, D
eb Irwin

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