Details for COLUMBUS RESCUE MISSION - Ad from 2020-07-11

1471 25th Ave., Columbus, NE 68602 Ph: (402) 563-1096 Fx: (402) 563-3783 “Helping the Hurting and the Homeless in the Name of Jesus Christ.” Meals Served 173 Beds Filled 64 Jail Contacts 0 Chapel Attendees 49 FINANCIAL GIFTS ARE NEEDED AND APPRECIATED AT THIS TIME!!! BLEACH, Clorox Wipes, Styrofoam To-Go Boxes, Styrofoam Cups & Plastic Solo Cups, Plastic Eating Utensils, Coffee & Filters, Aluminum Foil, Gallon Freezer Bags, 33 Gal. Trash Bags, Sandwich Bags, Milk, Butter, Canned Soup, Vegetables, Fruit, Boxed Macaroni & Cheese, Breakfast Meats (Sausage, Ham, Bacon), Kool-Aid & Sugar, All Cleaning Supplies. Thank you!!!! PRAYERS FOR THE MISSION STAFF, GUEST, DISCIPLES, DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS! See Us On Facebook!