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Expert Care,
Close to Home

Dr. Nila Novotny, Dr. Paul Sherrerd,
Dr. Patrick Henderson, and a support staff
of nine provide a full range of ENT services
at the Columbus Otolaryngology Clinic.
ENT or otolaryngology is the branch of
medicine and surgery that specializes in the
diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat,
head and neck disorders.
Columbus Otolaryngology Clinic offers a
full line of medical and surgical treatments,
•Balloon Sinuplasty
•Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
•Facial Plastic Surgery
•Salivary Gland Surgery
•Thyroid Surgery
They also offer treatment of the following
•Head and Neck Cancer
•Snoring and Sleep Apnea
•Skin Lesions and Cancer
For more information on the Columbus
Otolaryngology Clinic, call 402-562-4720 or

Dr. Nila Novotny
Dr. Paul Sherrerd
Dr. Patrick Henderson