Details for COLUMBUS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL - Ad from 2021-09-18

da Vinci® Xi™ Robotic System
at Columbus Community Hospital

Columbus Community Hospital’s surgical services unit is proud to announce the arrival of a new da Vinci® Xi™
robotic system to provide a wide variety of minimally invasive surgeries, including the following:
• Inguinal hernia repair.
• Umbilical hernia repair.
• Ventral/incisional hernia
• Cholecystectomy
(gallbladder removal).

• Appendectomy.
• Colon resection.
• Nissan fundoplication
(stomach surgery
for reflux).
• Hysterectomy.

This special piece of technology gives surgeons greater
capabilities in the operating room and provides a minimally
invasive surgery option for patients.
The da Vinci® Xi™ robotic system features 3D imaging of the
surgical area with enhanced dexterity for greater precision
by surgeons.

For more information on the new da Vinci® Xi™ robotic
system, visit


Oophorectomy (ovaries).
Tubal ligation.
Bladder repair/suspension.
Nephrectomy (kidneys).
Bladder surgery.