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Are you ignoring possible signs of cancer?
Since cancer encompasses such a large group of diseases,
it can cause almost any sign or symptom. And sometimes,
cancer is a silent disease with no symptoms in the early
stages. That’s why undergoing recommended cancer
screening tests is so important.
The American Cancer Society recommends all women 40
and older have annual mammograms and clinical breast
exams (CBEs). All women in their 20s and 30s should have
a CBE every three years.
Mammography is the gold standard for breast cancer
screening. Columbus Community Hospital offers 3-D
mammography, a system that detects tumors hidden by
overlapping breast tissue and provides a more accurate

diagnosis than standard 2-D digital mammography.
It is easier to treat and beat cancer when you detect it
early, before it has spread to other areas.
Don’t ignore the signs. Follow the guidelines and
schedule your mammogram today.
To learn more about 3-D mammography or schedule
your mammogram with CCH, visit
or call 402-562-3180.
Most health insurance plans will cover your mammogram
100%, so there’s no cost to you. Always check with your
health insurance company first to make sure your
mammogram is covered.