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Want to save lives?
Take a

Stop the
Bleed® class
Uncontrolled bleeding can cause
death within minutes, and knowing
how to control bleeding could
save lives.
That’s why Columbus Community
Hospital offers Stop the Bleed®, a
national program that teaches
people how to properly use
dressings, tourniquets and their
own hands to control bleeding.

To sign up for a Stop the Bleed®
class, or to set up a Stop the Bleed®
course for your organization,
call 402-562-4490 to make your
For more information on
Stop the Bleed® , visit

CCH offers Stop the Bleed® classes
upon request to:
• Community members.
• Civic groups.
• Church groups.
• School groups.
• Other organizations.
Classes last about an hour and include
lecture and hands-on practice.
They’re taught at a comprehensive
level, so people with no medical
background can understand the
material and use it to save lives.