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Wound & Ostomy
The Wound, Ostomy and Continence
Health Center at Columbus Community
Hospital offers effective treatments that
can help people manage wound, ostomy
or continence issues.
CCH’s W.O.C. Health Center uses evidencebased practices and advanced treatment
options to help patients improve these
conditions and more fully enjoy life.
The W.O.C. Health Center benefits those
• Nonhealing wounds that linger for four
to six weeks without improvement,
including diabetic ulcers, venous leg
ulcers, pressure ulcers (bed sores) or
surgical wounds that fail to heal
• Problems managing an ostomy, whether
it is inadequate wear time of the ostomy
appliance (wafer/bag) or skin complications around or near the stoma
The professionals at the W.O.C. Health
Center also keep patients’ primary care
physicians informed and involved in
patients’treatment and recovery processes.
For more information about the W.O.C.
Health Center, please call 402-562-4620.