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Visiting Physicians Clinic

Columbus Community Hospital (CCH) is committed to providing area residents with the health
care they need, close to home. That’s why it brings specialty medical providers and clinics to
the Columbus community through the Visiting Physicians Clinic.

To find a physician in a

The clinic provides the services of more than 53 medical providers who offer care in 18 different
medical specialties so local patients can receive the specialty services they need without
leaving town.

on the CCH website. It allows

For more information on the Visiting Physicians Clinic and a full list of its specialty services, visit

the provider’s medical specialties,

specific specialty area, use the
“Find a Physician” feature
you to search for a medical
provider and learn more about
board certifications and clinical
interests so you can make an
informed decision.

Visiting Physicians Clinic | Healthpark Medical Office Building
4508 38th Street, Suite 210 | Columbus, NE 68601 | 402-562-4456
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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