Details for PLATTE COUNTY CLERK - Ad from 2021-11-25

OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE PLATTE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Col, NE 11-9-2021 Tues am Pursuant to adjourn the PC Bd of Equal met in sess begin at 9:00am Diane C. Pinger, Co Clk Gerald Micek, chair. Roll call and the follow memb prsnt: Suprs Liss, Engdahl, Kwapnioski, Pfeifer, Lloyd, Scow and Chair Micek. The Chair inf the public of the post of the open mtg laws. The Aff of Publ were prsntd. The mtg notice was publ in the Col Tele on 10-19-2021 and the Humphrey Dem on 10-20-2021. Chair Micek stated that the agenda be appr as written. Chair Micek stated that the mins for 10-26-2021 be appr as written. Moved and sec to remove from the table the decis on redistricting, mtn crd. Jose Rodriguez, Dept Co Atty was asked by one of the supervisors to address the Co Bd on the redistricting. Jose went over the different findings in order to adopt a majority minority dist. Proposal 4-which the majority minority dist and Proposal 5 were discussed. Carl Hart Jr, Co Atty stated that the bd should address the findings in favor of adopting Proposal 4. There needs to be at least a majority vote as to the existence to geographic compactness so as to compromise a Hispanic Minority Dist in PC. Gworks has indicated in that Proposal no 4 that that is sufficient as basically a matter of law in their perspective. That’s why they obligated to share that with you, so I think you can make that finding. Superv. Kwapnioski: so I would include that in my motion. Carl: there are other things that you also need to make findings as so that there is sufficient political cohesion within the minority group that they tend to vote similarly interested in outcomes in most areas domain. Superv. Kwapnioski: with my motion I said based on the info given to us today I would make the motion on the following findings based on the totality of the circumstances. Carl: You should maybe identify one more besides these two that there does exist a white voting block that usually beats the minority candidate. Those a re all things that are consistent with the info. I think those three things in review are necessary. The following statements were given by some of the supervisors: Jerry Engdahl expressed the following: 1. For many decades, PC redistricting has been required for one reason only; to ensure that each county board member represents about the same number of constituents. It has been ised to cure any real of perceived social injustice. 2. County redistricting is not used to affect school board, city council, power district board, NRD or any other election occurring within the county. I’m not sure why we are inundated with irrelevant information that doesn’t pertain to supervisor districts. 3.To my knowledge, no individual of Hispanic/ Latino descent has ever filed for a seat on the County board. 4.I am not aware of any supervisor campaigns characterized by subtle racial appeals and take offence to that suggestion. 5. In my opinion, people are elected to boards because they have “paid their dues”, not because of their heritage. Using myself as an example, I have lived in Platte County 49yrs, my children attended Columbus Public Schools and I served 2 terms on the school board. I also served my church, served as drive chairman and president of the United way, was manager and later president of the Chamber of Commerce, served on the planning ad zoning commission and service to our community; not because I am Caucasian. I know several Hispanic individuals have taken positions on boards and are willing to serve our community and I applaud them for it. Their commitment will serve them well in the future. I believe they want to be recognized for their service to our community; not their heritage. 7. Sunday, 60 min presented a story about gerrymandering in Michigan. People think of gerrymandering as a political issue. However, the definition says, “manipulation of boundaries to favor one party of CLASS”. I see proposal 4 as just that; manipulation of boundaries to favor one class…Hispanics/ Latinos. A lady interviewed on 60mins said it appeared their district maps were designed by a kindergarten class. I would suggest the proposal 4 map for the district 7 fits that description. In addition. The district 7 map distorts district 6, completely destroying any semblance of COMPACTNESS and making it increasingly harder for any candidate to campaign. I walked the 6th district in my initial campaign in order to meet the voters and for them to meet me. The proposed map for district 6 makes that virtually impossible. Two wrongs don’t make a right. For these reasons, I will vote against proposal 4. Additional comments presented later in the meeting: The Supreme Court ruling I the Gingles case sets out three criteria that must be met to successfully challenge a redistrict plan. The third criteria states, ”that the candidates preferred by the minority group are usually defeated as a result of bloc voting by the majority. There has been a minority candidate in any supervisor case so this criteria can’t be met. Where is the “compactness” in District 6 in Proposal 4? No answer. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The biggest election concern I have is voter apathy. Basically, I was elected to represent 4500 people in my first two primary elections with less than 400 votes. If the Hispanic voters are as cohesive as suggested, they would have easily beat me in either of those primaries. If/when we go to court, who will represent Platte County? Answer: An attorney allowed to practice before the Supreme Court;not our County Attorney. Superv. Pfeifer: mr Chair I appreciate you explaining that Jose was asked to do this and is doing this because he rpresents the Co and the CO Atty office an is giving us info. I want to say I am not biased for Hispanics and I have extended family-we have more than a few Hispanics married into the family and I don’t have dissatisfaction at all, I wanted to rule that out. Also, it is is still goes back to what all and all er are dealing with-opinions not facts. I go down this list that we were given last time. We don’t deal with whats going happening on the east coast, we don’t deal with what is going on with the State legislature, we deal with PC and theres no facts on PC that this bd has ever set ups dists that would hurt Hispanics or vise versa would either help them or not help them. We just set up dists because of populat so the argument that the 3rd one that Jerry just said I am not going to read again. Ill pass any test why do we always have to have thrown at us it on your voter card, we are going to be sued. You’ve got to have evidence like I said to carry a case and these are all opinion so this is pretty simple to me. I am not going to vote for #4. Supervisor Kwapnioski: I just want to say that just because we would vote for a minority majority dist doesn’t mean that there might be a Caucasian candidate of 5 Caucasion candidates that would win that dist. Superv. Kwapnioski: So based on the info provided to us today along with the backround info that I have done on my own I would make a motion: mvd and sec. to adopt Proposal 4 as to include a majority minority dist. based upon the record. Mtn failed. Mvd and sec. to adopt proposal 5 by gworks which would not create a majority minority dist, based upon the record. mtn crd. The Co treas discuss her request to purchase two computers with the Co Bd. Mvd and sec to approve the request from the Co treas to purchase two computers, one from CDW govt in the amt of 2043.10 and one from Conn Point In the amt of 1199.98 for a total of 3243.08 to be paid from the Co treas capital account. Mtn crd. Kassy Grant, Vic Assis co asked that the Chair be authorized to sign the VOCA grant Agreement and award provided by the NE Crim Commission. Mvd and sec to authorize the chair and any other relevant county employees to sign the VOCA grant and award, mtn crd. Kelly Feehan, Ext Ed asked the Co bd for approval of the following: Mvd and sec to approve the wage increases as proposed effect Jan 1, 2022, mtn crd. Mvd and sec to approve the appointment of Gabby Lindhorst to the PC Ext Bd, mtn crd. Mvd and sec to approve closing the Extension off from Christmas day to new yrs day, mtn crd. Mvd and sec to authorize the Chair to sign the utility permit for black hills,llc, mtn crd. Mvd and sec to rescind the deed of dedication on Jenny Lake dedication of roads. Mtn crd. Jane Cromwell presented the road report to CO bd. Tim Hofbauer asked the CO bd to approve an appraisal company for Fema Haz Mitig grant property acquisition program. Mvd and sec to approve the appraisal company of midlands apprais service in the amount of 13,700.00. mtn crd. Mvd and sec to adopt res no 21-33 res of appreciation for Diane C Pinger, mtn crd. Mvd and sec to go into closed session at 10:40 am to discuss real estate transaction. Mtn crd. Mvd and sec to conclude closed session at 10:45am. Mtn crd. Mvd and sec to accept file correspondence and credit the proper accts: Cancel Child Sup Enf fund ck 10211849 for 350.00 due to claim submitted twice on two different pay periods, Visitors Bureau fund ck 04214948 for 3820.00 this ck was shredded by the CVB director, a new ck was issued in the same amount to the new vendor, Co treas receipts for 59582.11. NPDES general permit for operations confining cattle for Jim Klug livestock operation concentrated animal feeding operation and Co treasur list of distress warrants to the Co sheriff, Colfax Co salary/exp reimb gen fd 2561.73, City of Colum salary reimb gen fd 3140.59, NIRMA dividend gen fd 26828.00, State of NE marijuana/substance act Co drg enf fd 285.00, region 4 Nov rent gen fd 3940.72, state of NE ach ccd ssa treas gen fd 400.00, Nance Co inmate house gen fd 750.00, Colfax CO inmate house gen fd 4600.00, Colfax Co salary exp reimburs gen fd 2011.35, Polk Co probat budget share Dist 5 probat Fd 7627.97, State of NE inmate housing/med expen gen fd 7213.75, Co sheriff gun range fees Gen fd 23.00, total 59582.11. mvd and sec that the following claims be approved as presented and that the CO Clerk be ordered to issue cks of the same on the respective funds .GenFd Ck Nos. 11210001-11210139 & 1121209311212379, Inc., total net payroll 159,660.62, Ace hrdw 52.97, Adams Co Sher 18.50, ADPT 4250.00, Adv corr health 22.69, Aff Lang serv 577.30, AFLAC ck11212098 240.93, Mark Ahlers 35.00,All makes 112.76, All star aut gls 327.45, Kathryn Allsman 115.08, Donna Alswager 46.20, App Conn tech 635.96, Juanita Arcos 35.00, Blake Aschoff 35.00,Aut qua sale 83.92, Axon Ent 6047.40, Susan Baer 105.00, James Baldwin 105.00, Bank of Val 62.15, Christine Barber 48.44, Jake Bartos 40.60, Craig Bayer 35.00, Gary Becher 105.00, JayDee Becker 35.00, Tiffany Behne 105.00,Kendal Bender 59.64, Big red print 312.60, Andrea Blahak 35.00, Brian Blair 35.00, Bob Bark co 1151.65,Bomgaars 35.71,Michelle Boss 105.00, Rhonda Boyd 35.00,Jennifer Brunkhorst 105.00, Butler Co sher 64.02, Casa con 20,000.00, Caseys mail ser 4.75, Cashwa dist 156.95, Emily Castillo 20.00, Aaron Cattau 51.80, CDW gov 572.00, CDW gov 112.38, CEI sec soun 684.00, Julio Chavez 35.00,Cheryls lawn ser 290.00,Child sup enf 18589.00, Sara Chopin 35.00, City of Colu 814.74, City of Norfo 3000.00, Clearfly 1648.94, Cler of dist crt, 984.51, Clerk of NE Sup Crt 126.00, Randy Cline 35.00,Cofax Co Sher 6.50, Colonial life ck11212147 270.47,Colum area unit ck11212148 67.00,Colum ex laund 7.20, Colum rif clb 130.00, Colum tele 6.22, Colum tele 59.95, Colum tele 1102.96,Colum unit fed ck11212154 3601.00,comp Juve ser 172,808.00, Conn pnt 39.99, Aren Connell 35.00,Cons Man co 77.66,Copp Rock Schl Mas 13212.62, Cynthia Coulter 105.00,DAS st acct 135.80,DAS st acct 256.00,DAS st acctg 256.00, Dist 5 Pro 25.09, Aaron Divis 35.00, Ashley Dohmen 146.72, Greg Drum 150.00, Jan Dvorak 105.00, Eakes 87.18, Eakes 60.52, Eakes 67.09, Eakes 14.69, Eakes 141.61, Eakes 111.58, Eakes 506.87, Eakes 594.11, PC sher 1478.93, EGR birk 883.50, Elissa Olson 150.00, Jerry Engdahl 84.00, Moises Gomez Fajardo 106.24, Jessica Fauss 107.29, 1st conc bene ck11212183 2315.80, Ammie Fleeman 35.00, Ronald Foltz 105.00, Tatem Fowlkes 74.20, Holden Gabel 22.90, Gaver tir 394.98, Barbara Glaser 35.00, Krishna Gone 105.00, Matthew Gonka 35.00, Marco Gonzalez 35.00, Margaret Graf 35.00, Clark Grant 95.00, Christine Grutsch 35.00, Hadley-Braith 42.95, Jason Hake 63.00, Chris Alan Hanson 35.00, Agnes Harris 35.00, Dale Harsh 35.00, Andrea Hassenstab 57.40, Ralph Hefti 50.00, Joseph Held Jr 35.00, Scott Hemmer, Susan Herchenbach 225.96, Jennifer Herchenbach 74.20, Douglas Heule 35.00, Troy Higgins 100.00, Melissa Hill 35.00, Ryne Hirschbrunner 35.00, Tim Hoffbauer 159.00, Brian Hoffman 35.00, Hday inn Krny 719.70, Hday inn Krny 233.90, Reuben Hughes 35.00, Thomas Huisman 35.00, Hyvee 128.64,Hyvee 47.52, Debora Ilic 35.00, Indoff 179.98, Ins serv Colum 40.00, John Iossi 100.00, Emily Ita 35.00, Jacks unif 206.52, Jackson serv 82.67, Jackson serv 106.25, Jackson serv 30.00, Jennifer Jareske Reppert 49.52, James Johnson 35.00, Beth Jones 9.30, Mark Jones 105.00, Alicia Kadavy 35.00, Cletus Kamrath 46.20, Josephine Kasik 35.00, Kelly Sup Co 134.56, Scott Kershaw 35.00, Kelli Keyes 131.88, Kildare rep 498.49, Kenneth Kildare 35.00, James Killham 105.00, Travis Kinison 105.00, Kelsey Klassen 79.80, John Kline 113.12, Brian Kluck 142.50, Darin Knepper 18.22, Ashley Konwinski 105.00, James Kramer 105.00, Danielle Kratochvil 35.00, Marcia Krepel 35.00, Melissa Kroenke 40.60, Kathleen Kruse 35.00, John Kubr 35.00, Lancaster Co sher 20.36, Laquinta inn 863.60, Latimer repor 193.18, Legalshield ck11212256 10.48, Kathleen Lehr 46.20, David Leitschuck 35.00, Lora Lighter 35.00, Licoln Fin ck11212260 1404.77, Lincoln Fin 592.47, Lndsy sft wtr 113.00, Jared Litz 59.64, Kelsie Marie Locke 35.00, Loffler co 51.00, ML Smith law 1349.00, Madison co sher 28.03, Madison co sher 50.05, Miriam Manzano 35.00, Scott Margheim 35.00, Francisco Marino 105.00, Timothy Matas 531.15, Marcyanna McGuinn 63.00, Kathryn McPhillips 63.00, Lindsay Meister 58.00, Menards 37.31, Menards 630.40, Menards 289.45, Menards 25.44, Menards 60.47, Lonnie Menke 35.00, Marjorie Mercer 35.00, Julie Messersmith 35.00, Aleisha Meusch 125.00, Wesley Meyer 35.00, Microfilm img 345.00, Midwest spec srv 135.00, Lynette Mielak 35.00, Melanie Miller 35.00, Bradley Minchow 105.00, MIPS 742.58, MIPS 1543.67, MIPS 2441.76, MIPS 831.05, Barbara Mohr 35.00, Cassie Muckey 51.80, Paul Mudloff 35.00, Eric Mullally 98.00, Mike Mulligan 250.00, Murphy law 165.83, Yoryina Myers 106.24, Nationwide ck1121231 2118.34, NE Revenue ck11212302 7911.49, NE law enf 175.00, NE UC 545.05, NE weed con 120.00, Julie Neil 105.00, Pamela Nelson 40.60, Daniel Nielsen 45.08, Obrist co 228.06, Officenet 166.00, Officenet 287.72, One office Sol 159.00, Paper tige shred 249.00, Jose Pena 35.00, Cassandra Pendleton 46.20, Terry Pfeifer 105.00,Diane Pinger 134.50, Diane Pinger 26.52, Rosa Pinto Barba 20.00, Thomas Placzek 86.24, PC atty 146.40, PC clerk fed dep ck11212322 17683.60, PC clerk NCSPC 11212323 617.46, PC clerk oasi ck 11212324 16908.71, PC clerk oasi 16908.71, PC Deten fac 22.43, PC hwy dept 588.51, PC Sher 238.75, PC sher 149.90, PC sher 38.95, PC treas 1000.00, Plat val pst cont 78.00, Plat val pst cont 180.00, Principal life ck11212333 1774.79, Retire amerit ck 11212334 11045.01, retire amerit 16326.95, Rd bridge 5200.00, Eryn Roberts 35.00, Jordan Runge 35.00, Rutts heat 11624.00, Sara Scheel 40.60, Jason Schmidt 105.00, Frederick Schwank 105.00, Connie Sebourn 42.56, Ociek Serrano 105.00, Shev Sup 8233.00, Shev Sup 563.98, Shev Sup 52.63, Kelli Soltys 35.00, Christopher Spale 22.00, Mary Speicher 40.60, Craig Stephan 35.00, Strat Dela Doel 13487.90, Summit food 7649.38, Sunset law enf 539.20, Tbone 76.33, James Trouba 142.50, UI sanit 284.25, US cell 53.24, Unite health 9720.00, Unite health 150,339.84, Verizon 41.02, Verizon wire 720.18, Verizon wire 87.59,Marlene Vetick 30.44, Marlene Vetick 95.00, Vic Assis 115,985.00, Michele Voorhees 35.00, VVS 296.68, Julie Warneke 105.00, Kimberly Webster 35.00, Susan Weeder 35.00, Jonathan Wemhoff 152.04, Michelle Wemhoff 74.20, West networ 3788.00, Leta Willams 35.00, John Wilson 35.00, Zee med 126.45, Zee med 123.35, Zelle Hr 5769.82, Gary Zimmerer 64.12, 911cust 143.00, 874,331.85, prev amt allowed during current bud yr 4,627,513.65, total amt allowed to date 5,501,845.50, Rd/Brdg Fd Check 11210140-11210169&1121238011212416 inc, total net payroll 33,914.69, Aflac ck11212380 156.27, AKRS 9500.00, Allied oil 2876.80, ARL credit 151.84, Arnold motor 536.22, Bomgaars 255.45, Central sand 14,406.32, Colon life ck11212387 153.48, Occup health 62.00, Columb fed cu 589.00, Crane sales 5433.20, Credit mgmt. 67.80, Dale Johnson Trucking 9486.00, Eakes 48.66, 1st Concord 55.00, Iteris 23500.00, J&L Gen 24.99, Kimball Midwest 704.16, Lincoln Fin Grp ck 11212398 274.07, Mainelli Wagner 67,623.60, Matheson tri 612.32, Menards 51.95, Midwest serv 1037.00, Nationwide ck11212403 25.00, NE revenue ck11212404 1624.73, NMC 2988.48, Officenet 145.80, PC clerk fed dep 3462.36, PC clerk NCSPC ck 11212408 324.48, PC clerk OASI ck11212409 3533.80, PC clerk OASI 3533.80, Principal life ck11212410 331.73, Retire ameritas ck11212411 2225.81, Retire ameritas 3338.73, Sempak sand 10,013.01, Sunbelt rent 233.32, Tbone 4189.30, Trk Center 130.16, Unite Health 2652.50, 210,2733.83,prev amt allowed during current bud yr 6,614,117.76, total amt allowed to date 7,124,391.59, Comp Juve Serv Fd ck1121017011210174 & 11212417-11212421 incl. total net payroll 2998.36, Colum unite way ck 11212417 392.00, NE dept Rev ck 11212418 87.88, PC clerk fed dep ck11212419 186.98, PC clerk OASI ck11212420 282.66, PC clerk OASI 282.66, Retire Ameritas 139.04,Retire Ameritas 208.54, UHC ck11212422 37.50, 4615.62,prev amt allowed current bud yr 46245.77, Total amt allowed to date 50,861.39, Child Sup Enfor Fd check 11210175-11210178 & 1121242311212439 incl, total net payroll 2991.54,Aflac ck11212423 62.36, Caseys mail 196.42, Equifax work 79.98, Hannah Grosz 51.58, Lincoln Fin Grp ck11212427 9.00, Microfilm 188.00, PC treas ck11212429 116.64, NRFK Lodge 558.00, PC atty 5.00, PC atty 30.03, PC treas ck11212433 308.68, PC treas OASI ck11212434 299.11, PC treas OASI 299.11, Principal life ck11212435 46.63, Retire Ameritas ck 11212436 185.04, Retire ameritas 277.56, Christine Tenski 56.68, UHC Prem ck11212438 205.00, Rebecca Zulkoski 96.70, 6063.06, ck 10211849 cancelled by the cnty brd -350.00, prev amt allowed during current bud yr 43958.15, Total amt allowed to date 49671.21, County Visit Prom Fd ck 11210179 & 1121244011212459 incl, total net payroll 1003.92, Aflac ck11212440 75.53,COTRA 1957.64, Colum screen 155.00, Eakes 229.95, Flagship 800.00, Katy Mcneil 608.05, Vrly 697.50, Nationwide ck11212447 100.00, NE Revenue ck11212448 301.04, PC treas ck11212449 220.18, PC treas ck11212450 142.01, PC treas OASI 142.01, Principal life ck11212451 11.48, Retire ameritas ck11212452 89.14, Retire ameritas 133.70, Shrpa 2000.00, Simpleview 1500.00, Troop 115 Scouts 250.00, UHC 37.50,Verizon wire 46.02, Village Duncan 7000.00, 17,500.67, previous amt allowed during current bud yr 87,096.74, total amt allowed to date 104,597.41, Preservation/ Modern Fd ck 11212459 incl, Mobile bind 4000.00, previous amt allowed during current bud yr 1810.44, Total amt allowed to date 5810.44, PC Self Fund Fd ck 11212460-11212461,incl, Colum Bank/ trust 45.00,UHC 8445.76, 8490.76,previous amt allowed during current bud yr 34451.03, total amt allowed to date 42941.79, Adult Pretria ck 1121018011210181 & 11212462-1122463 incl, net payroll 902.43, NE revenue ck11212462 10.44, PC fed dep ck11212463 14.84, PC OASI ck11212464 79.50, PC OASI 79.50, Retire ameritas ck11212465 32.04,Retire ameritas 48.06, Martha Sanchez 40.00,1206.81, previous amt allowed during current bud yr 10625.55, total amt allowed to date 11832.36, Victim Assis Fd ck 11210182-11210183 &1121246711212474, incl, total net payroll 2363.55,Lincoln fin grp ck11212467 75.80, Nationwide ck11212468 25.00, NE Revenue ck11212469 98.78, PC fed dep ck11212470 200.53, PC clerk OASI ck11212471 241.06, PC clerk OASI 241.06, Principal life ck11212472 25.18, Retire amerita ck11212473 146.30, Retire ameritas 219.46,UHC ck11212474 75.00, 3711.72,previous amt allowed during current bud yr 36304.05,Total amt allowed to date 40015.77, Inherit tax Fd ck11212475,incl, RVW 19600.00,previous amt allowed during current budget yr 210136.88, total amt allowed to date 229,736.88, Law Enf Fd ck1121247611212478,incl, Direct tv 106.93,Eakes 31.80, PC Deten Fac 12.12, 150.85, previous amt allowed during bud yr 13558.94, total amt allowed to date 13709.79, Dist Probat Fd check 1121247911212482, incl, DAS st acctg 196.96, Hamilton tele 92.67, SYNCB 637.84, Windstream 12.60, 940.07, previous amt allowed during current bud yr 26537.94, total amt allowed to date 27478.01, The chair declared the bd mtg adjourn to Nov 23,2021 at 9:10am Attest Diane Pinger Clk of the Co Bd Gerald Micek, chair. ZNEZ