To the untrained eye, the old truck sitting in front of a 1960s gas station may not mean a lot.

But to others, it will immediately cause you to say, “Soupy’s.”

As in Supancheck’s at the corner of Fourth and O streets. The place to stop on the north edge of David City. Memories of stopping to fill up are likely to follow. The corner is still a hub of convenience and social interaction: Stop Inn Speedy Mart.

That and a many more special moments will be unwrapped, cut and shuffled at the table this Christmas season, thanks to the Butler County Chamber Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors struck a lot of heartstrings when they released their David City Deck of Cards a year ago. Long ago scenes from the courthouse square and other streets of David City were printed on the cards, and they quickly became the “must-have” Christmas gift.

Now it’s time for David City Deck of Cards II.

The Ambassadors, those volunteers who work hand in hand with the Butler County Chamber of Commerce to celebrate activities in the community and extend a welcoming hand to new businesses, saw that the first deck was a big hit and quickly flew off the shelves.

The group used the proceeds of the card sales for local projects. Last year, the funds helped the Butler County Historical Society, the DC Golf Club’s efforts to build a new clubhouse, and the Boston Studio Collection.

The cards are adorned with historic photos from the Boston Studio Collection, with the majority coming from either the late 19th century or the early 20th century. 

In order to learn more about the scenes, visit the Butler County Gallery at

The 2016 cards, as well as the new 2017 decks, are available for $12 each and can be purchased at Union Bank, David City Discount Pharmacy, E Street Discount Pharmacy, Stop Inn, Ace Hardware, Dale’s Food Pride and Didier’s Grocery. For more information about the cards contact Deb Dinkelman 402-270-1983.