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BCAFF Grants

Representatives of local organizations attended a gathering Monday night at BBQ Burgers and More to receive grants from the Butler County Area Foundation Fund.  Here are the people in the photograph and the entities they represent:

Front row, from left: City of Brainard, Elaine Fortik; Butler County 4-H Council, Louise Niemann; Butler County Arts Council, Anna Nolan; and Jacson Valentine, David City Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Congratulations to all of these recipients.

Back row: Rising City Ball Program, Tracy Roberts; Village of Octavia, Rick Kopecky; Butler County Senior Services, Diana McDonald; David City Ball Program, Jim Bathen; American Legion Rejda Post 273, Jim Polivka; Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, Ron Clarke.

It’s one of the best days of the year for the Fund Advisory Committee and other supporters of the Butler County Area Foundation Fund.

On Monday night, a total of $14,500 was awarded to 10 organizations that are helping to improve the quality of life in Butler County.

The gathering was held at BBQ Burgers and More in David City. The grants mark the culmination of a formal application process that began in the fall.

"Making grants is one of the highlights of serving on the Fund Advisory Committee," said Michael Moravec, the committee chairman. "We had great applicants with great community projects this year. We are building strong partnerships with all of the service organizations in the county and a lot of good things are getting done."

Derived from the proceeds of the fund’s unrestricted endowment, the grants will assist with projects that have a countywide impact. Grant recipients

Grant recipients must be eligible under the BCAFF guidelines. To date, the fund has provided re-investment to the community of more than $500,000.

Here are descriptions of the recipients, the grants and the projects.


The Rising City Ball Fund is planning to beautify the ball field and add a shelter so visitors to the ball facilities can enjoy watching the games in all types of weather. This will be a permanent shelter for years to come. BCAFF has granted $1,200 to the Rising City Ball Fund.


The Village of Octavia has been working to make improvements to the Octavia Village Hall. More work needs to be done to provide a handicap restroom upstairs to better serve those with disabilities or handicaps. A workable lift was added to the hall several years ago, but the restrooms remained in the basement. Handicap restrooms on the main level will be accessible without having to tackle the stairs. It will also be available to the public. The Village of Octavia has received $1,500 to complete this project.


The Bone Creek Museum will be receiving a $1,500 grant to help create and promote its tenth anniversary art exhibit from May 4th through September 23, 2018. Focus will be placed on Nebraska artists Terence Duren and Dale Nichols. Paintings, sketches, and prints from a number of public institutions and private collectors will also be on exhibition.


Evergreen Park in Brainard has seen increased use over the years. Additions to the park are ongoing, and places to sit and enjoy activities are needed. The Butler County Area Foundation Fund awards $800 so the city can purchase four additional picnic tables, two of which will be handicap accessible to ensure all visitors can feel welcome.


The Butler County Arts Council continues to provide many opportunities in the arts for area residents and schools. The focus of this grant is to help fund activities that invite participation by area children and adults. BCAFF awards $2,000 to help fund the annual Butler County Community Choir Christmas Concert and the annual Art Day Camp that allows area youth to have professional instruction in art. Congratulations to the Butler County Arts Council.


In 2017, the Butler County 4-H Council facilitated a radon project which consisted of purchasing Radon test kits and dispensing them to Butler County residents at no charge. The months of January through March have been found to be the highest exposure rates when it comes to Radon gas. The 4-H Council, with the help of the Butler County Area Foundation Fund, will again be providing free Radon test kits to residents of Butler County. BCAFF awarded $500 to the Butler County 4-H Council.


The Butler County Senior Services continues to serve Senior Citizens of Butler County. Improvements continue to provide a secure and welcoming place for everyone. New tables are necessary to satisfy the growing number of people who utilize the senior services center for activities. BCAFF awarded $1,500 to the Butler County Senior Services to purchase new tables for their facility.


Every year, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes provide an opportunity for those involved to attend a leadership camp. This year, that camp will be held near Branson, Missouri in July. Students are taught how to reach their potential in being positive leaders in their schools, communities, and families. BCAFF awarded David City FCA Chapter with a $1,000 grant to help with the cost for students to attend this leadership camp.


The Brainard American Legion is planning to build a Veteran’s Memorial in Evergreen Park in Brainard. This memorial will consist of three black granite panels on a black granite base and will have enough space to list 250 veterans names along with service information to honor their service to our country. It will also provide educational as well as historical value to visitors. BCAFF awarded a $2,000 grant to the American Legion Rejda Post 273 for construction of this memorial.


The David City Ball Fields have seen an increase in youth participation over the years. Currently, more than 275 players from the area utilize the four fields throughout the season. Approximately 35-40 community volunteers also assist with coaching and fundraising for the program. Due to this increased participation, play has tripled on the fields. Heavy use has resulted in excessive infield erosion. BCAFF awarded the David City Ball Association a $2,500 grant to purchase the necessary soil conditioners and materials to rebuild the infields to create a safer facility.

Those organizations interested in applying for grants are encouraged to begin their planning process for the next round. Contact one of our FAC members if you have a question:

Mike Moravec, Fund Advisory Committee chairman and committee members: Milt and Janet Bemis, Kent Clymer, Diane Duren, Carol Fuxa, Amy Slama, Ed Siffring, Robin Sullivan, Lindsay Truksa.

Contact information: Butler County Area Foundation Fund, P.O. Box 91, David City, NE 68632

Facebook: Butler County Area Foundation Fund


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