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Jack Kauffman really didn’t want his photo taken.

A seemingly tireless volunteer, he left us the other day at the age of 89.

But he didn't need his picture in the paper. Especially when he was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, or for Blue Valley Community Action. Especially when he was ringing a bell after the funeral of a military veteran. 

But Jack did stand out in the community when he and the Freedom Ringers had fun in a parade, marching down the street making a joyful noise.

Our first encounter with Jack was at home. He appeared in the driveway, carrying a pecan pie to our door. He was among the first people we met here.

Jack’s special kind of caring extended beyond Butler County to surrounding states, though most people didn’t know it. And that was just fine with Jack.

No, Jack wouldn’t want anyone to make a big fuss about him. So we won’t. We’ll just say thanks. 

-- Larry Peirce


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