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Today’s report deals with farm machinery and the increase of deer movement in areas along our county roads. Also there are other potential hazards associated with dust and ongoing construction.

With that in mind, here are some safety suggestions:

Farm machinery

If a car traveling 50 mph and it comes upon a farm implement moving at 15 mph, the care will be closing in at a rate of 50 feet per second.

Be on the lookout as farm machinery and trucks may be entering the road from fields in places where you would not normally expect to see them.

Don’t assume the operator of a piece of farm machinery knows that you are approaching from behind.

When overtaking a combine, give the operator plenty of time to see you and find a safe place where he or she can pull over to make sufficient room for you to pass.

If you meet an oncoming piece of farm machinery and it is wider than one lane of the road, pull to the side of the road and stop until the equipment passes by you.

Deer on roads.

While you may encounter deer on a road at any time, they are most active at sunrise and sunset when, unfortunately, visibility can be decreased.

Pay attention when traveling on a road that divides an agricultural field from a shelter belt, wood area or a body of water.

Should a deer jump in front of your vehicle, don’t swerve or abruptly change lanes. Rather, brake firmly.

After hitting a deer, pull off the road, activate your emergency flashers, notify local law enforcement and stay in your vehicle.

Don’ attempt to remove a deer from the road. N injured deer may thrash about and it could lead to you being injured. Remember deer tend to move in single file, so if you see one deer along the road there likely are more in the immediate vicinity.


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