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The East Butler volleyball team competed in the Weeping Water Invitational on Sept. 2, coming home 1-2. On Aug. 31, the Tigers played in a triangular

“I am proud of how the girls rebounded from the games on Thursday,” said Tigers coach Karmen Widick. “As soon as we started warmups for the first match, I knew they were ready to play. The match against Conestoga went really well.”

The Tigers came out on top, 25-14 and 25-16.

“Our serving and serve receive were both consistent. It was a confidence boost to come out and win the first match of the day,” Widick said. “We played Sacred Heart right after Conestoga and didn't adjust to their speed of play very well. Our serve receive broke down, so we were never able to get into any type of offensive rhythm. “

After a 26-24 first-set win, Lourdes won 25-17 and 25-12.

“The girls were down in the second and came back to push them to a deuce game. That is the type of effort and determination we are going to need all season. The final match against Lourdes was up and down. We came back from a deficit in the first to win, but were not able to build on that momentum. Lourdes kept us off balance with their serving and attacks. We are doing a good job of scrambling on defense, but we need to be able to get back in system more quickly when that happens.”

Falls City Sacred Heart defeated the Tigers 25-10 and 25-23.

“Overall, the tournament went well. There were a lot of positive things that happened for us and we will be able to build on those,” Widick said. “We need to keep working on reducing our errors to keep the pressure on the other teams.”

Sept. 2 at Weeping Water

East Butler 25 25

Conestoga 14 16

Individual stats

*KILLS: Helman 7, Robley 4.

*ACES: Helman 4; Rigatuso 3; Robley, Barta, Hummel 2.

*ASSISTS: Robley 7; Hummel 2.

*DIGS: Helman 5; Ratkovec, Rigatuso 3.

East Butler 10 23

FC Sacred Heart 25 25

*KILLS: Robley 5, Helman 4.

*ACES: Helman 2.

*ASSISTS: Robley 6.

*DIGS: Barta 3; Helman, Rigatuso, Sullivan 2.

East Butler 26 17 12

Lourdes CC 24 25 25

*KILLS: Robley, 9, Helman 5, Rigatuso 3.

*ACES: Helman 16, Rigatuso 10, Robley 9, Ratkovec 6

*ASSISTS: Robley 8, Hummel 7.

*DIGS: Rigatuso 7; Robley , Ratkovec 3; Barta, Helman 2.

Tigers O-2 at Giltner

At Giltner’s triangular Aug. 31 the Tigers fell to Giltner 25-14 and 25-8. They mustered a first-set win against High Plains, but fell 25-19, 9-25 and 6-25.

"It was disappointing that we did not play better in either match,” Widick said. “Giltner is a very athletic team and kept us off balance with their attack. We competed well in the first set against High Plains, especially the last four points when we closed out the set. I thought that would give us some momentum heading into the second, but we got into a deep hole and were never able to climb out.”

The first set against High Plains was the high point.

“We started the third set with a lead and then just kind of disappeared. Our first contact, especially in passing, was a weak spot for us tonight,” Widick said. “We were rarely in system, which makes it hard on our setters and hitters. I hope the girls learn from these matches and will realize the importance of every contact with the ball. There is a lot of season left. these two matches aren't going to define us as a team.”

The Tigers came to David City Tuesday night. The next varsity competition is Tuesday, Sept. 12, a home triangular with Raymond Central and Yutan. The Cross County Tournament is Saturday, Sept. 16.

Aug. 31 at Giltner

East Butler 14 8

Giltner 25 25


*KILLS:Rigatuso 2; Ratkovek, Matulka, Rolbey, Barta, Helman 1.

*ACES: Robley, Rigatuso, Barta 1.

*ASSISTS: Robley 4.

*DIGS: Rigatuso 8; Ratkovec 3; Robley, Helman 2.

East Butler 25 9 6

High Plains 19 25 25

*KILLS: Robley 9, Rigatuso 6, Heman 4, Barta 2.

*ACES: Ratkovec, Barta, Hummel 1.

*ASSISTS: Robley 9, Hummel 8.

*DIGS: Barta 7, Rigatuso 5, Helman 4, Ratkovec 3.


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