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LINCOLN — A New Jersey company plans to take over the former Dr. Leonard's Healthcare call center location in Lincoln and hire 200 people.

iPacesetters, which provides telemarketing services to Fortune 500 and other companies, plans to open its operation Nov. 6 at 5945 Cornhusker Highway.

The company said in a news release that it will hire 200 people for full- and part-time jobs.

“We are thrilled to bring new career opportunities to Lincoln and add to the growth of iPacesetters," Penny Spaeth, who is the Lincoln site director, said in the news release. "We feel Lincoln is the right place to not only help in the growth of our company but be part of a growing progressive community.”

Dr. Leonard's, a catalog and online retailer that also is based in New Jersey, announced earlier this year that it would close its Lincoln call center as part of a consolidation, costing 170 people their jobs.

Spaeth said in an interview that the availability of the Dr. Leonard's site was a "bonus" but not the reason iPacesetters decided to open a location in Lincoln.

"We chose Lincoln because of the colleges as well as the growth of the city. Additionally, with the closing of large call centers in Lincoln, it’s a good opportunity to find talent and bring jobs back here," said Spaeth, who, along with the company's chief operating officer, is from Lincoln.

In addition to the Dr. Leonard's closing, Verizon Wireless also closed its Lincoln call center, which employed 320 people, in March.

Spaeth said iPacesetters will hire employees in stages, and she said the company has not yet decided how many of the positions will be part time and how many will be full time.

According to its website, iPacesetters was founded in Arizona in 1988 and has grown to about 1,600 employees.

The Lincoln location will be its eighth in the U.S., and it also has call centers in India and the Dominican Republic.


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