It’s recruitment time for Extension Master Gardeners. If you enjoy spending time in the garden and landscape, learning new things, meeting people who also enjoy plants, and being involved in your community, consider the Master Gardener program.

      As we move into winter, store lawn and garden pesticides correctly and securely. Storage information can be found on the label. Read and follow it for safety and to help keep pesticides from degrading.

        The Columbus Public Library offers access to a large digital newspaper collection. Titled Access World News, this collection is available to all library patrons and is updated daily. Access World News provides online access to current and archived issues of full-text newspapers, including Li…

          If a home or other building seems to have been invaded by hundreds of flies this fall, these are likely cluster flies. While a nuisance, they do not cause any damage or harm people or pets and they do not reproduce indoors.

            The Columbus Public Library has been serving the community of Columbus for over 120 years. The people, the place, and the services have changed quite a bit over the years! At the library you can use a computer, read a newspaper, and print, scan, and copy documents. Educational and entertaini…

              Many trees are drought stressed but what does this mean? It may be helpful to understand the effects of drought on plants and how long plants are affected. Drought stress does not end once a plant is watered.

                When a chill is in the air and the leaves fall from the trees, many turn indoors and engage in activities like baking, binge-watching favorite movies, and my personal favorite, reading. It might come as a surprise to some that I enjoy reading books based on historical events. I am intrigued …

                  Coffee grounds are available free for gardeners to use. I’ve been asked how to best to use these in gardens and landscape beds and if adding too much can harm soil or plants.

                    This time of year, I love to get into the Halloween spirit by listening to scary podcasts, watching horror movies, and reading some spooky books. Here are three spooky reads you could add to your list this year.

                      Field bindweed is one of the most difficult weeds to control in gardens and landscapes. This is the climbing weed with white blooms that grows up and over fences and plants. It is a persistent perennial. No matter how often it is pulled, it keeps returning.