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Property transfers


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Columbus Credit Services

Platte County

Granville Custom Homes Inc. to Acuna, Rodolfo & Jaqueline, H&W - Lot 4 In Block A, Frontier Park 2nd Addition of Columbus $350,000

Schettler, Paul R., Sgl., to Schettler, Paul R., Trustee, Schettler, Paul R. Trust - Lot 3 Johannes 1st SD of Columbus (Tax Exempt)

Whitefoot, Sharon, MP, to Whitefoot, Philip W., Trustee, Whitefoot, Sharon R., Trustee, Whitefoot, Philip W. & Sharon R. Trust - 19-19-01W SE 1/4 Except Part Deed to The State of Nebraska (Tax Exempt)

Schacher, Kathleen F., Sgl., to Hiner, Nicole Lee - 01-16-02W TRACT 150 Feet X 75 Feet in Part NE 1/4 SW 1/4 $126,000

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cols to Clemente, Wilfredo A. Orozco & Ortega, Vilma G. Marroquin, H&W - Lot 19 In Block H, North Park First Add of Columbus $153,000

Cloyed, Rebecca to Osorio, Hector & Dora - West 50 Feet of Lot 17 In Block 4, Pearsalls Second Add of Columbus $225,000

Acuna, Rodolfo & Jaqueline, H&W to MERS (First National Bank of Omaha) - Lot 4 In Block A, Frontier Park 2nd Addition of Columbus $167,000

Andreasen, Angela M., Sgl., to Deras, Manuel E. Tabora & Cho, Yung-En, H&W - Lot 2 In Block H, Westlawn Seventh Add of Columbus $239,000

Racho Property Management LLC to Jensen, Neil P. & Janice, H&W - Lot 3 In Block 15, Phillips Third Add of Columbus $55,000.00

Athey, Dean K. & Carolyn K., H&W to Meadow Ridge Properties LLC - 15-17-01E PT N 1/2 NW 1/4 Lying South of And Adjacent to Loup Canal & Exceptions $375,000

Wiese, Glenn B. & Mary Ellen, H&W to Wiese, Glenn B., Trustee, Wiese, Glenn B. Trust - 07-20-03W SW 1/4 (Tax Exempt)

Wiese, Glenn B. & Mary Ellen, H&W, to Wiese, Mary Ellen, Trustee, Wiese Mary Ellen Trust - 07-20-03W SW 1/4 (Tax Exempt)

Wiese, Glenn B. to Wiese, Glenn B., Trustee, Wiese, Glenn B. Trust - Lot 4, 5 And Pt Lot 7 In Block C, Albracht 1st Add of Lindsay (Tax Exempt)

Rodriguez, Concepcion, Sgl, Aldana, Jose Julio & Lindsay, H&W, to Aldana, Jose Julio - W 44 Ft of Lot 1 & E 22 Ft of Lot 2 In Block 8, Oida Add of Columbus (Tax Exempt)

Wiese, David J. & Delores M., H&W, to Elkhorn Valley Community Development Corp. - Lots 9, 10 & 11 In Block 6, Hope Add of Lindsay $135,000

Tiaden, Timothy L. & Maureen L., H&W to Tiaden, Timothy L., Trustee, Tiaden Family Trust - 08-17-02W PT NE 1/4 SE 1/4, 09-17-02W PT SW 1/4 NW 1/4, 22-17-02W PT N 1/2 NW 1/4 & PT SW 1/4 NW 1/4 & SE 1/4 NW 1/4 (Tax Exempt)

Steve Lloyds Rentals LLC to Collazo, Irmarys Morales & Hernandez, Yivan Wuillian Somohano, H&W - Lot 7 Meadow View Addition of Columbus $319,000

Engel, Donald F. & Shelby L., H&W to Sanchez, Evelyn A., Sgl., & Rodarte, Ezequiel A., Sgl. - Lot 10 Dahlberg Addition to The Village of Duncan of Duncan $309,000

Linder, Tyler R. & Alysha, H&W, to Porter, Max David & Ashli, H&W - Lot 13 In Block A, Oak Park First Add of Columbus $390,000

Ritzdorf, John & Dana, H&W, to Ahlers, Trent J. - Lot 5 And West 1/2 Of Lot 4 In Block C, North Park Second Add of Columbus $222,000

Iossi, John L. & Teresa E., H&W, to Ritzdorf, John & Dana, H&W - Lot 10 In Block I, North Park Second Add of Columbus $300,000

Granville Custom Homes Inc. to Linder, Tyler & Alysha, H&W - Lot 5 In Block A, Meadow Ridge Seventh Addition of Columbus $490,000

Porter, Max David & Ashli N., H&W, to Gutierrez, Dixan Prieto & Casillas, Cecila P. - Lot 3 In Block 178, Original of Columbus $218,000

Hart, Carl K., Jr. & Barbara B., H&W, to Lorenzo, Adalberto Lantigua, Sgl., Diaz, Yaney Rodriguez & Valdes, Andres Aleman, W&H - Lot 5 In Block 186, Original of Columbus $285,000

Burgmaier Marshal & Dixie, H&W, to Biester, Angela M., Trustee, Biester, Gary D. & Angela M. Trust, Renner, Brenda L., MP - Lot 3 In Block G, Prairie Lane First SD of Columbus (Tax Exempt)

Lemke, Kenneth M. & Patricia J., H&W, to Adams, Brent R. & Barbara J., H&W - Lot 6 In Block E, Wagner Lakes SD of Columbus $327,000

Miller, Phillip & Lynn M., H&W, to Diaz, Gilbert & Cahuana, Militza, H&W - South 58 Feet of West 44 Feet in Lot 4 In Block 42, Original of Columbus $40,000

S & S Homes Inc., to Sutton, Schuyler Dane & Kirby, Candance, H&W - Lot 11 Meadow Ridge Sixth Addition of Columbus $574,000

Wollberg, Ryan Richard & Melinda Kay, H&W, to Gomez, Patricia Palma - Lot 8 In Block B, Lakers SD of Lot 1 Cumming Add (Replat of) of Columbus $265,000

Pelc, Howard R., Sgl., to Pelc, Scott, Pelc, Travis, Pelc, Zack - Lot 9 In Block 8, First Add of Platte Center (Tax Exempt)

Butler County

Rezac, Kenneth R. & Rezac, Peggy L. to Rezac, Kenneth R., Trustee, Rezac, Peggy L., Trustee, Rezac, Kenneth R. & Peggy L. Revocable Trust - 23-15-03 E 1/2 SW 1/4, SW 1/4 SW 1/4 & SW 1/4 SE 1/4; Section 23, Township 15 North, Range 3 East, Butler County, Nebraska (Tax Exempt)

Alexander-Proskovec, L.L.C. to Ostry, Michael J. & Ostry, Karen J., H&W - 10-15-04 (2 Parcels) PT Out Lot A; Section 10, Township 15 North, Range 4 East, Butler County Nebraska $75,000

Alexander-Proskovec, L.L.C. to Yindrick, Jamie A., Co-Trustee, Yindrick, Catherine J., Co-Trustee, Yindrick, Jamie & Cathy Family Trust - 07-15-04 PT SW 1/4 SW 1/4; Section 7, Township 15 North, Range 4 East, Butler County, Nebraska $200,000

K. Perry Brothers Partnership to Miller, Jeremiah, Sgl. - Lots 2 & 3, Block 5; Original Town of Rising City $190,000

Bronson, Logan & Bronson, Jennifer, H&W, to Kenwood, Crystal & Kenwood, Brian, W&H - 13-16-01 Lot 17, Bow String Lake 2nd Addition, PT NE 1/4, Section 13, Township 16 North, Range 1 East, Butler County, Nebraska $58,000

White, Diane & White, Doug, MC, Timoney, Janet, Sgl., to Prochaska, Alissa L. & Prochaska, Nathan J., MC - North 85 Feet of Lot 2, Block 4; Miles 2nd Addition To David City $100,000

Colfax County

Mundil, Richard L., Sgl., to Belsky, Andrew - PT Lot 1 In Block 43, Orig Town of Howells, PT Lot 1 In Block 1, Dickey Add of Howells $51,000

Ramirez, Anselmo J., Sgl., to Ramirez, Anselmo & Ramirez, Martha Magana De, H&W - Block 120, Clarkson 2nd Add of Schuyler $152,000

Olson, Victor O., Sgl., to Hollatz, Richard D. & Hollatz, Deanna C., H&W - Lot 8 And PT Lot 6, 7 Western Trust and Security Co Add of Leigh, 18-20-02 PT S 1/2 NE 1/4 $50,000

Nance County

Steven D. Watton & Anita R. Kaspar, H&W, to Benjamin Kaspar & Cori Kaspar, H&W - 12-17-04 PT W 1/2 SW 1/4 $70,000

Tyler J. Kester & Lindsey J. Kester, H&W, to 5H AG, LLC - 17-16-07 W 1/2 SW 1/4 $129,000

Larry L. Gerdes & Ginette R. Gerdes, H&W, to Jason Fuoss - The North 138 Feet of Lot 1 And the North 138 Feet of The East 6 Feet of Lot 2 In Block 10, Willards 1st Addition of Genoa, The North 138 Feet of The West 60 Feet of Lot 2 In Block 10, Willards 1st Addition of Genoa $43,000

Louis Paczosa, Trustee, to Ryan M. Tuxhorn - 14-16-04 PT SE 1/4 SW 1/4 $17,000

Boone County

Daniel Lee & Cynthia M Hemmer, H&W to Daniel L Hemmer, Trustee of the Daniel L Hemmer Trust, Undiv ½ interest & Cynthia M Hemmer, Trustee of the Cynthia M Hemmer Trust, Undiv ½ interest, as tenants in common – NW1/4, N1/2 SW1/4 & NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec 31-20-5W, SW1/4 Sec 8-21-5W & SW1/4 Sec 2-19-6W (Tax Exempt)

Connie M Pelster, sgl to Connie M Pelster, Trustee of the Connie M Pelster Revocable Trust – SW1/4 NW1/4 Sec 19-20-5W (Tax Exempt)

Timothy L & Jaclyn Krohn, H&W, David W& Janine M Krohn, H&W & Matthew M & Emily J Krohn, H&W to Curtis & Macayla Pribnow, H&W, as joint tenants with right of survivorship & not as tenants in common – Lot 5, Blk 33, Mansfield’s 7th Addn, City of Albion $233,000

Janice A Rosane, sgl to James H & Donna J Allen, H&W, as joint tenants with right of survivorship & not as tenants in common – Outlots 3, 4, 5 & 6, St Edward Land & Emigration Co’s 6th Addn, City of St Edward $215,000

Cynthia J Majerus n/k/a Cynthia J Johnson & Verl D Johnson, W&H to Joseph & Christina Majerus, H&W, as joint tenants with right of survivorship & not as tenants in common – Lts 8 & 9, Blk 7, Mansfield’s 2nd Addn, City of Albion $20,000

Milan Garder, Trustee of the Milan Garder Revocable Trust & Gaye Garder, Trustee of the Gay Garder Revocable Trust to Kory L & Theresa M Naber, H&W, as joint tenants with right of survivorship & not as tenants in common – Part of the NW1/4 Sec 18-22-5W $100,000

Chad D & Lindsey N Storm, H&W to Manchester Properties, LLC, a Nebraska Limited Liability Co – Lt 7, Blk 14, Mansfield’s 3rd Addn, City of Albion $110,000

Property transfers compiled by Columbus Credit Services


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