NSF 2019

2019 Nebraska State Fair

Butler County 4-H Exhibits

Dulcie Archuleta, Brainard: Purple-Meat Goat Showmanship; Meat Goat; Poultry Showmanship; Poultry Continental; Poultry Mediterranean. Blue-Meat Goat. Red-Feather Legged Bantams; Non Game Bantams; Poultry American.

Jason Bongers, Brainard: Purple-Biscuits.

Justin Bongers, Brainard: Red-Coffee Cake. Special N150 Stepping Stone.

Haven Cada, David City: Purple-First Aid Kit; Blue-Wildlife Houses; Red-Accessory Glass.

Alexa Carter, Rising City: Green-Selection Design Gallery, Barn Quilt. Purple-Quilt other than Fabric; Blue-Genealogy Notebook.

Jaxon Carter, Rising City: Purple-Fruit Leather. Blue-Wildlife Tracks.

Rylie Carter, Rising City: Blue-Genealogy Notebook.

Isaiah Coufal, David City: Blue-Robotics Video. Red-Robotics Sensors Notebook.

Kristin Coufal, David City: Rainbow Recognition-Fire Prevention Poster.

Timothy Duke, David City: Purple-1st-Tree ID Contest; Green-2nd-Horticulture Team; Purple-5th-Horticulture Contest. Blue-7th-Insect ID Contest. Red-8th Weed & Grass ID Contest.

Jonathan Duke, David City: Green-1st-Horticulture Senior Team; Green-3rd- Weed & Grass ID Senior Team. Purple-2nd-Tree ID Senior Contest. Purple-2nd-Insect ID Contest. Purple-10th-Horticulture Contest. Blue-8th- Weed & Grass ID Contest. Purple-Candy.

Gunner Fencl, Bruno: White-Wooden Fin Rocket.

Avery Heinrich, Shelby: Purple-Family Involvement Poster.

Hannah Heinrich, Shelby: Purple-Care Package Display.

Riley Hlavac, Garrison: Purple-Creative Mix Cookies. Red-3rd-Weed & Grass ID Contest Senior Team.

Kate Janak, Brainard: Blue-Furniture Wood Opaque.

Simon Kelly, Bellwood: Purple-Wildlife Houses; Preservation-Jelled Exhibit; Dried Herbs. Blue-Jalapeno Peppers.

Reese Kozisek, Brainard : Red-Wood Fin Rocket.

Grant Kozisek, Brainard: White-Wood Fin Rocket.

Lillian Kriz, Brainard: Purple-Culinary Challenge Contest; Entomology Display. Blue: Rocket Level 2; Loaf Quick Bread; Insect Habitat.

Addison Kriz, Brainard: Purple-Culinary Challenge Contest. Red-Miniature Pumpkins; White-Wood Fin Rocket.

Brynn Kudlacek, Brainard: Blue-Photography Light Display.

Ben Lyons, Dwight: Blue-Build a Fishing Rod.

Emily Lyons, Dwight: Purple-Accessory 3D. Blue-4-H Scrapbook; Baked Item with Frozen Produce.

Levi Moravec, David City: Blue-Fish Harvesting Equipment.

Macy Moravec, David City: Purple-Original Made from Wood. Red-Original Encaustic Painting.

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Lydia Ockander, David City: Green Special Award-Champion Meat Breed Ewes. Green Special Award-Champion Breeding Ewe. Purple -Commercial Ewe Lamb; Crossbred Market Lamb; Hampshire Market Lamb.

Brittney Palik, David City: Blue-Embellished Garment; Original Ink Drawing; Portrait Exhibit Print.

Jordan Palik, David City: Purple-Computer Slideshow; Inventing Fish Harvesting Equipment. Blue -Activity with Younger Child.

Kaitlyn Palik, David City: Blue-Upcycled Clothing Accessory.

Becca Podolak, Bellwood: Purple-Recycled Furniture; Floriculture-Cosmos. Blue-Dress.

William Podolak, Bellwood: Purple-Accessory 2D Textile; Wildlife Houses. Blue-Horticulture Beets.

Bruiana Rathje: Surprise, Blue-Window Covering; Accessory Textile 3D.

Carson Rathje, Rising City: Purple-Woodworking Table.

Kennen Robinson, David City: Purple-Wildlife Arts. Red-Photography NE Theme; Heirloom Article.

Parker Robinson, David City: Purple-Human Development Math; Marketing Package; Furniture.

Bianca Romshek, Bellwood: Purple-Color Wheel. Red-Smart Financial Goals.

Garrett Ruth, Rising City. Purple-Double Crust Fruit Pie. Blue-Wood Fin Rocket.

Kaleigh Ruth, Rising City: Blue-Wood Fin Rocket.

Dakoda Schneider, Bruno: Purple-Creative Arts; Furniture-Outdoor; Bird Display.

Aubree Siffring, Rising City: Purple-Original Design Fabric. Blue-Upcycled Garment; Home Accessory with Dyed Fabric; Accessory 2D. Red-Textile Clothing Accessory.

Braxton Siffring , Rising City: Purple-Natural Resources Exhibit.

Lauren Sousek, Malmo: Purple- Accessory Outdoor.

Makenna Steager, Surprise: Blue-Pillow from Original Design Fabric; Specialty Rolls. Red-Market Swine.

Wyatt Steager, Brainard: Blue-Upcycled Item for Home.

Anthony Strizek, Valparaiso: Purple-Heritage Exhibit; Wildlife Houses. Blue-Original Acrylic Painting.

Miranda Strizek, Valparaiso: Purple-Quilt Placemats; Quilt Exhibit Medium; Quilted Pillow; Dinner Rolls; White Bread. Blue-Embellished Garment; Upcycled Clothing Accessory; Crocheted Vest; Crocheted Afghan.

Natalie Summers, David City: Blue-Wildlife Diorama.

Maggie Svec, David City: Rainbow Recognition-Heritage Shadow Box. Purple-Specialty Pastry. Purple-Human Development Health & Physical Development; Recipe File. Blue-Shopping in Style Fashion Show; Family Food Tradition. Red-Restored Family Heirloom.

Erin Timoney, Ulysses: Blue-Original Pencil Drawing; Original Water Color Painting.

Micaiah Vrbka, Brainard: Blue-Intergenerational Quilt.

Finely Zook, David City: Blue-Create A Website; Design Board for Room.

Addison Zook, David City: Rainbow Recognition-Sewing for Profit Portfolio. Purple-Clothing 3 Fashion Show; Design Basics & Principles. Red-Clothing 3 Dress; Alter Your Pattern Jumper.

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