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Bellwood resident Daniel Moore accepts his prize money from the Nebraska Lottery after winning a $1 million Powerball jackpot.

For the last several years, Jayme Trainer has made a point to ask Parkview One Stop customers who played Powerball one specific question. Bellwood resident Daniel Moore was no exception.

“There were many people I joked with, but I would always ask him, ‘So, are you a millionaire yet?’ Every time he said no I would tell him he had to keep playing,” Trainer said.

Turns out Trainer’s last official shift at Parkview last Saturday would be the last time Moore could say no anyway. On Saturday afternoon, Trainer sold Moore a ticket worth $1 million. The Nebraska Lottery confirmed that one ticket for Saturday’s $149 million Powerball draw matched the first five numbers, but not the Powerball number itself. That ticket was sold out of the local shop, 102 Colfax St. in Schuyler.

The Nebraska Lottery announced Moore as the winner Monday night.

“It’s super exciting. I was just super excited,” Trainer said. “(Moore) is just a really good guy. He’s always coming in. He would usually keep it quiet and brief, but occasionally he would make football jokes with me about the teams I supported (Trainer is an avid New England Patriots fan).

Moore said in a statement from the Nebraska Lottery that he was checking tickets in his truck after work when he discovered he had won. Moore said he yelled “Thank you” upon discovering he’d hit the $1 million prize.

“I checked them at the store and the clerk’s eyes got really big,” he said, via a news release.

Moore said he’s planning on using his winnings to pay off his house and a couple of vehicles, but there’s something else he wants to do that’s a little closer to his heart. Moore’s father died in the spring and he has wanted to buy his dad’s excavating business from his mother.

“Dad was looking down on you,” Moore’s mother told him after his win.

The Nebraska Lottery noted Moore's excitement when he picked up his prize.

"When he came in to claim the prize, his voice was a little hoarse from celebrating his big win," Nebraska Lottery stated on its Facebook page. "Congratulations!"

Trainer said Moore came in once a week to play a ticket. It marks the 24th $1 million Powerball winning ticket sold in Nebraska since the prize was added to the game in January 2012, according to the Nebraska Lottery.

Parkview was buzzing with some excitement on Monday over “the golden ticket” coming out of the store. Parkview Co-Owner/Manager Chad Langemeier said even he was surprised when he first heard about it as he wasn’t in the store that day.

“I was shocked – it’s not something you hear all the time,” he said, noting he had recently gotten a text message from a friend in Omaha who had heard about his store selling the winning ticket.

His mother, Lisa, who is another co-owner of Parkview, said she got it confirmed their store had sold the winning ticket. They said Parkview will receive some kind of commission for it, though were not yet aware how much.

The store has had some scratch-ticket winners previously, but never anything of this magnitude.

As for Trainer, he has spent the last several years working three days per week at the Schuyler shop. Saturday was his last official shift as he is moving to pursue his education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Despite this, he said he plans to be back at the store helping out periodically, such as Labor Day weekend.

Selling the winning Powerball ticket on his last day made for what he said he expects to be a long-lasting memory. It also made for a good joke with co-workers at another job.

“I told them, ‘Apparently, I could only go out with a bang,’” he said.

Matt Lindberg is the managing editor of The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at matt.lindberg@lee.net.

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