MBI truck

In this October 2015 photo, an MBI truck waits at the Nebraska 92 intersection after taking a load to the Butler County Landfill east of David City.

A Burnham, Ill., carrier will pay the State of Nebraska more than $222,000 in civil penalties for violating the state’s laws related to vehicle weight.

The carrier, Mr. Bult’s Inc., (MBI Inc.) agreed to a settlement with the state after a nine-month long investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division.

Contracted to re-haul garbage and waste products from the Omaha area to a landfill site near David City in Butler County, the carrier’s vehicles were registered for the maximum allowed weight of 94,000 pounds. Even with a statutorily provided tolerance of 1,000 pounds for a vehicle having seven axles and appropriate axle spacing, the investigation uncovered 2,076 occurrences of MBI’s vehicles exceeding the allowed weight limits.

Citizen concerns and an analysis of roadside compliance inspections conducted by troopers led to the extensive investigation which included a review of the company’s weight records over a nine month period (Oct. 2013-July 2014).

“This was great work by our troopers going beyond the roadside stop to uncover a pattern of abuse,” said Captain Gerry Krolikowski, Carrier Enforcement Division Commander.” The outcome of this investigation should send a message to those who would try and circumvent our laws to think again.”

The Nebraska State Patrol’s Carrier Enforcement Division is charged with ensuring compliance with the state laws and federal safety regulations governing the operation of commercial motor vehicles. With a single legally loaded truck accounting for as much stress on the highway as thousands of passenger vehicles, overweight trucks greatly decrease a roadway’s lifespan. Nebraska’s weight laws are in place to ensure that taxpayers don’t endure an imbalanced burden in keeping the roads safe, maintained and navigable.

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