Vicki Truksa

Butler County Clerk Vicki Truksa is stepping away from her post at the end of this month. On Monday, Truksa was presented a plaque by Butler County Board of Supervisors Chairman David Mach recognizing her years of service.

Vicki Truksa for more than four decades has manned a workspace inside of the Butler County Clerk’s Office.

And after being appointed to the head of the office as county clerk in 2007, she since has overseen several county duties relating to that position, as well as serving as county election commissioner and register of deeds.

Deputy County Clerk Sharon Woolsey, who started working in the office in 2003 prior to taking her current position four years later, noted that Truksa is a woman who wears many hats.

“She has just done a remarkable job with all of that,” Woolsey said of her boss’ ability to balance her various roles. “And she’s been in this office for 42 years, which is pretty much unheard of, isn’t it?”

After all those years, Truksa is finally stepping away from her county clerk position into retirement at the end of this month. On Monday, Butler County Board of Supervisors Chairman David Mach presented Truksa with a plaque commemorating all of the hard work she put in during her tenured career.

“We are honoring a very special lady who has done a whole lot for us (the board) and for this county. She will be very missed,” Mach said.

Speaking briefly, the county clerk expressed reciprocated feelings.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you all,” she said. “Working with you as a board, and also serving all of the people of Butler County.”

Woolsey, who has gotten to know Truksa on a personal basis through their extensive interactions, noted how her current boss is looking forward to stepping back and enjoying some of the sweeter things in life.

“It’s bittersweet, we wish her well, but we are sure going to miss her,” Woolsey said of Truksa. “I know she hopes to spend some time with family and with her grandkids. I know she also wants to travel. There will probably be some fishing trips in there, too.”

Replacing Truksa – and being sworn in by the county on June 3 – is Stephanie Laska. The Butler County native prior to accepting the county clerk position worked in the accounting department of Columbus’ Ernst Auto Center for nearly five years.

She and her husband currently live in Bellwood and are planning to set down deeper roots by building their own home in the near future.

“We are just moving in this direction, and I am excited to serve the county where I grew up,” said Laska, who noted that she lived just west of David City until she was 16.

On Monday afternoon, Laska was busy at work in the county clerk’s office learning from the woman of the hour. There is a lot to absorb, and it will take some time to get everything down pat. But, fortunately, she has a pretty experienced teacher.

“I don’t know if I will get caught up to speed in the next week, but she (Truksa) is doing a wonderful job with training,” Laska said. “… But I am looking forward to just getting started, and learning more about the ways of county government.”

Sam Pimper is the news editor of The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at sam.pimper@lee.net.

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