The Legislature adjourned early at day 84 with 294 bills passed. It is very disappointing the legislature accomplished very little on property tax relief this session as property taxes are the important issue for our state. The Legislature did pass LB103 and LB512. LB103 would require local subdivisions to reduce levies as valuations rise but overall, it is not significant property tax relief. LB512 allows those who are victims of a natural disaster and whose real property is lost or destroyed to petition the county for a reassessment of land valuation.

There is however an ongoing petition drive from True Nebraskans to have a property tax relief plan placed on the 2020 ballot. This ballot initiative would create a constitutional amendment to provide a 35% rebate on the property tax you paid credited to your personal or business income taxes. If you would like to know more about this petition drive or get involved please visit truenebraskans.com.

This session, I introduced several bills that were signed into law. LB278, which provides a veteran designation on a driver's license or state ID was included in LB192. LB696 and LB697 were amended into LB138 which was signed into law. LB696 created a separate license plate for the Air National Guard as currently, only Army National Guard plates exist. LB697 removed the license plate fee for Purple Heart, ex-POW, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Disabled American Veteran, and Gold Star Family license plates and also made them permanent plates.

LB698 addresses the issue of trash and debris falling from trucks and semis and requires that no person should drive a commercial motor vehicle without properly securing the cargo. LB699 effects transporter plates and record keeping. Transporter plates are used to transport an unregistered vehicle from one location to another.

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My staff and I will also be continuing works on several bills I introduced. Two of the bills, LB279 and LB325, are veteran related issues and deal with providing tax exemptions to veteran organizations and vehicles. Another two bills, LB366 and LB701, will be committee studies. The study on LB366 look at the impact of alternative fueled vehicles on the Highway Cash Fund and the study on LB701 will continue to examine and identify the issues and needs of volunteer Emergency Medical Services.

Finally, I introduced to the Legislature with unanimous support LR203 Extending thanks to the Federal Management Agency, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, and the emergency managers for their outstanding leadership and support during the flooding and recovery. The resolution recognizes and thanks first responders, countless businesses, nonprofit organizations and volunteers for their enormous efforts during the disaster and now in the recovery for so many. Thank you to so many that have and still work tirelessly to help friends, neighbors, strangers and communities. You are what makes Nebraska Strong!

As we enter the interim my office remains open and we look forward to a busy schedule to work on issues that affect this District and Nebraska. I appreciate hearing from constituents and encourage you to contact my office at 402-471-2719 or bbostelman@leg.ne.gov. Have a safe summer.

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