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The David City Scouts went 4-5 in 2018, which is their best record since 2011 when the team finished with 11 wins. 

The Scouts lost their season finale to North Bend Central 34-16. 

"Generally, I was disappointed," said head coach Cortney Couch in comments sent to the Banner-Press about the final game. "Not with our effort or anything, just the result.

"We didn't play a clean game, so we basically robbed ourselves of any chance to win. North Bend was a very good team this year, and I knew we'd have to play very well in order to win. As it turns out, we played poorly, and the result was exactly what I knew it would be if we played poorly. It was a great year, but a disappointing way to end it."

David City earned victories over Syracuse, Conestoga, Shelby-Rising City and Twin River. 

The Scouts other losses came at the hands of Stanton, Hartington Cedar Catholic, Aquinas Catholic and Utica Centennial.  

"There were two games in which we were not competitive, Aquinas and Centennial," Couch said. "Those two teams really separated themselves from everybody else in our district, so I don't feel badly about that.

"We were competitive in the rest of our games, and we ended up 4-5. We could have maybe been as good as 6-3, but we could have just as easily gone 2-7.

Couch said David City "gave as good as it got in most games" and remained positive as a group amidst the ups and downs. Players developed throughout the year to the point many more were playing late in the year than in August and September.

Senior Will Danielson was the starting quarterback for the Scouts. He completed 63 of this 150 attempts for 1,022 yards and nine touchdowns. 

Senior Justin White was the leading rusher, carrying the ball 101 times for 486 yards and five touchdowns. 

Junior Clayton Denker tallied 343 yards on 60 carries and five touchdowns, and senior Douglas Alvarado had 27 carries for 118 yards and six touchdowns. Denker also intercepted three passes this season. 

"I can tell you that the line didn't develop the way I hoped," Couch said. "That really makes things tough. I truly thought that by the end of the year, we'd be able to play up to eight linemen regularly. That never materialized. There were games that we struggled to get five healthy guys out there. So, that ended up being our biggest weakness."

"In terms of strengths, our skill guys on offense, and our second and third level guys on defense, were really outstanding. We were able to spread the ball around on offense, and we had a lot of playmakers on defense."

Senior Nick Ruth collected 19 receptions for 404 yards and five touchdowns. 

Junior Josh Seibert tallied 74 tackles to lead the Scouts defensively. 

David City will lose eight seniors this year to graduation - Danielson, Luis Salazar, White, Douglas Alvarado, Ruth, Cody Sabata, Trent Theewen and Colby Hopkins. 

"I don't think there were really any dark horses, as far as that is concerned," Couch said, "Had you asked me before the year, I would have predicted that Will's play at quarterback would be crucial to our success, and it was. I would have predicted Justin would be our leading rusher, and Nick would be our number one deep threat, and both of those were true.

"I would have told you that Josh would probably be our leading tackler, and he was. So, not a lot of surprises. The one person you could point to would be Clayton Denker. Clayton battled injuries last year to the point that he really only got a chance to play in two games. This year, he remained healthy all year, and he had a significant impact on all phases of the game. I think he's poised to have another big season next year."

With the 2018 season over, the focus now shifts to 2019. That focus includes developing a new quarterback.

"I think we have some younger guys who are ready to step up," Couch said. "I think our guys have a strong sense of what we're trying to accomplish on defense, which will help us. I don't see us making too many changes on offense, which will help us as well. I think we have a system in place that will fit the talent that we bring back. It may take us a game or two to hit our stride. Time will tell."

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at

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