Doug's Dugout: A Little Deeper Look

Doug's Dugout: A Little Deeper Look


In 2008, led by Kyle Emanuel and Mitch Hron, the Schuyler Central High School football team went 9-2 and advanced on to the state playoffs where they were knocked off by McCook.

Had it not been to the injury bug, it appeared as if the Warriors were going to pull off a huge upset and down McCook, but McCook rallied to end the SCHS threat. The next year the Warriors finished 5-4 then fell to 4-5 in 2010.

Between 2011 and the end of the 2018 season Schuyler went a collective 3-69. This is not intended to be an example a horror story. There were some good coaches and players who tried to bring the program back to the winning side of the ledger. But it simply didn’t happen.

Now we enter the 2019 season, and with it, much enthusiasm about getting things turned around. When the announcement of Jason Ankrah as the new head coach was made last winter, it seemed like the “Scott Frost” effect was felt throughout SCHS.

Coach Ankrah has the name and the experience to create excitement even in the lukewarm football fans who support Warrior football. This definitely is the opportunity that the program has been searching for. We certainly could see immediate improvement in the season record come October but, more than likely, we must go back to the “Scott Frost” effect.

That effect? TIME! Many people thought that Coach Frost was going to come in and lead Nebraska to the Big 10 title in his first season, but the more level-headed football fans in the area realized that the transition was going to take time.

The 4-8 finish in Lincoln last season should not have come as a huge surprise. Now, the Huskers are appearing in most Top 25 lists. I see a similar result coming at SCHS. Even if the team finishes 3-6 or 4-5 it would be a huge jump over the past several seasons and it would set up an even brighter future in 2020.

We all need to give Coach Ankrah and his team our complete support and be willing to be patient for a complete turn-around.

NU NEWS: Speaking of the Huskers, I like what I have been hearing from the UNL camp this past week. There has been high praise for the defense and for the skill position players on offense.

Nebraska’s 2018 season was split into two distinct parts. There was the 0-6 first half and the 4-2 second half. Oddly, the 0-6 start came early in the season, and the winning part came in the middle of a very challenging Big 10 schedule.

Apparently, the 4-2 finish is what most college football prognosticators are carrying into the 2019 season.

No one is shoving Nebraska into the Top 10 lists, but they certainly have been the talk of college football this summer and, FINALLY, that talk has been very positive.

One final thought. It is nice to hear a coaching staff be positive about the team they have in front of them without being arrogant and flashy.

Doug Phillips is a freelance writer for the Sun. Reach him via email at


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