Cable TV charge to increase at Sunshine Court

Cable TV charge to increase at Sunshine Court

David City Housing Authority Meeting

Renee Williams shows off a bid for sidewalk repairs Thursday during a meeting of the David City Housing Authority Board. The board discussed various issues with Sunshine Court apartments, including the aforementioned sidewalk construction and cable TV prices.

The price of cable television at Sunshine Place Apartments in David City will take a jump later this year.

The David City Housing Authority approved an increase in prices for cable TV from $8 a month to $10, in order to compensate for yearly increases in the facility’s cable TV bill. Renee Williams, executive director of the DCHA, said that she couldn’t justify the small price in order to cover the bill.

“We are now to the point that the $8 that the tenants pay is not covering it,” Williams said. “We cannot cover that bill with federal funds, it has to be through the tenants.”

The board had considered two possibilities with the cable bill: Going through with the $2 increase, or completely mothballing the cable package and just allowing tenants to pay for their own TV. It was a suggestion that did not go without serious discussion from the board members present at Thursday’s meeting.

“I don’t think they would complain too much (if we eliminated it),” said Marie Hoeft, one of the board members.

Williams eventually pointed out that people who use streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix for TV purposes would probably have a slight problem with the elimination of cable TV.

“The ones that are going to complain are the ones who use more internet and online (TV) watching,” Williams said. “Most of them don’t use it anyway, but we have no way to shut it off (and) no way to monitor who is using it and who is not. We have to pay the full amount every month, it doesn’t matter if every unit is using it or not.”

Eventually, the board unanimously settled on the slight increase, saying that it would be way cheaper than the alternative.

“I wish mine was $10,” said Larry McPhillips, the board’s chairman.

In other board happenings:

*The board viewed a proposal from Boruch Masonry of Osceola to repair sidewalks around the facility. The company’s bid was the only one that they had received after advertising it to several companies. Parts of the sidewalks are coming apart due to wear and tear and the plan would help refurbish the walking space.

“In our big area, there are chunks of it (the sidewalk) coming out,” Williams said.

The overall cost of the project on the north end of the facility would be in the $6,200 range, which would include the placement of concrete in the complex’s outdoor smoking area and in the area leading up to one of the laundry rooms. On the south end, the project would cost $5,310 and would connect a series of sidewalks together.

Construction on the project is planned to begin in May, depending on the overall weather status of the area.

*A public meeting scheduled for that day to discuss potential short-and-long-term plans was postponed due to lack of interest. No one showed up for the meeting by the planned 1:20 start time and the meeting and discussion of future plans were scrapped. The discussion would have focused on the renovations to apartments in the complex over the next few years, a project that is already underway.

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