Love's opens, grand opening slated for later

Love's opens, grand opening slated for later


After a year of anticipation, the Love’s Travel Stop in Schuyler officially opened Monday, complete with a dizzying amount of amenities to make even the most jaded of truckers envious.

The store contains more than 9,300 square feet of space, 59 parking spots for trucks and 21 for cars. The store has cold drinks, hot food, snacks, and equipment for truckers and drivers alike, along with six showers, laundry facilities, and a dog park.

A grand opening for the store is slated for later this month, with Monday representing a soft opening. General Manager Brice Wood said that the store was “98 percent” complete, more than enough to open the store after more than a year of building and planning.

“Weather delayed it,” Wood said. “We were supposed to open a couple of months ago. It looks to you like we’re 100-percent completed, but (we’re not).”

The store still had to work out a few kinks with its large sign, one that could already be seen from miles away, but most of the work will likely be completed in short order.

“Our south billboard is currently not running,” Wood said. “It will be up and running by the end of the day.”

Even though it wasn’t 100-percent completed, it was still an exciting day for Wood and the 60 employees that have been slated to work in the new facility, which had the sheen one would expect from a store so new.

“We’ve been stocking, cleaning and polishing for the last week,” Wood said. “It’s been very exciting.”

These may very well be exciting times for Schuyler, with 60 new jobs being added as a result of the store’s opening. Mayor Jon Knutson said that with all the trucks that come through Schuyler on Highway 30, the new Love’s provides them with an option to get drivers whatever they need to make it through on the roads.

“The truckers who come through were quite happy with them employing people in our community and taking a chance here,” Knutson said. “We hope they have great success.”

Knutson said that the new Love’s will likely generate more sales tax revenue for Schuyler and will become more of a place where people can stop and stretch their legs while spending their money in town.

“You can see their sign from miles away,” Knutson said. “It’s a place where truckers will make a home and make Schuyler a regular stop. We’ve certainly worked with them and tried to give them whatever little assistance we could provide.”

The new store will also have a brand new Subway and Chester’s Chicken restaurants. While Chester’s closes at 10 p.m. each night, the Subway will be open 24 hours for people’s convenience. All of this will provide an experience that Schuyler hasn’t normally had, led by people who care about the city, the people living here and the people visiting for a few moments.

“I’m excited for it being in Schuyler period,” Wood said. “I’m not too far away from here, so this is kind of my home area. (It’s) somewhere where people can go for a fresh meal, quick and easy. I’m glad we’re here in Schuyler.”

Zach Roth is a reporter for the Schuyler Sun. Reach him via email at



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