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A view of the area near the Oak Ballroom in Schuyler on Thursday.

Schuyler is not under evacuation as of 3:45 p.m. on Thursday but has been dealing with its fair share of flooding, according to Mayor Jon Knutson

“We’ve seen some things we haven’t seen in a long, long time,” Knutson told the Sun. “We just had lots of melting, lots of rain and frozen ground, so lots of places water has nowhere to go.”

But, Knutson said reports of Schuyler being completely evacuated Wednesday night or Thursday are false.

“It has not been a thought,” he said. “We’ve certainly seen lots of sewer backup. We hope it just stays in the streets.”

He said the northern levee is holding up just fine, and the most particularly concerning area has been on the south end of town near Schuyler Golf Course, Lake Socorro and the Oak Ballroom.

Knutson said that area – where Highway 15 runs through – has become a bit of mess, noting barricades were being put up. The mayor said airboats had been deployed to rescue people in the Lake Socorro area who wanted help, adding the local fire department, as well as the city and county, have been working well together to keep people safe.

“Our southern park system right now is underwater,” he said, estimating that you can see water as far as the eye can see from the Oak Ballroom

Longtime Schuyler resident Lilia Posada said things have been hectic around Schuyler.

“A lot of ambulances, fire trucks. I think Schuyler is doing a good job rescuing people from Lake Socorro and surrounding areas,” she said.

Posada and her sister, Juana Vega, went to get her baby niece some milk at the store Thursday morning and witnessed the flooding firsthand.

“We heard the commotion by the entrance of the park and went to pass by it,” she said. “The golf course was full of water. Homes by Lake Socorro were being evacuated by boats and homes by the Oak Ballroom were asked to evacuate.”

Schuyler Community Schools was closed Thursday due to inclement weather concerns. Meanwhile, Colfax County Emergency Management announced on its Facebook page Thursday that the county’s highway department had deemed all bridges in Colfax County unsafe while asking people to stay away from them and to avoid travel altogether.

The mayor noted county officials were busy dealing with flooding issues in Rogers, indicating that fellow Colfax County community may be in worse shape.

Posada said she went to bed Wednesday night not thinking significant flooding would be problematic in her neck of the woods.

“I only heard wind gusting really bad. I didn’t think it was going to be this bad – I don’t think anyone else here thought it would be this bad either,” she said. “It’s also really windy over here and very hectic. A lot of alarms have been going off on our phones.”

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