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Have you ever stopped to notice how game night in the Schuyler High School gymnasium takes on a life of its own? This is a credit to everyone involved who makes the evening so enjoyable.

It’s time for warmups to the girls game. Set up outside the gym is the SCHS sports booster club table where a person can still become a booster club member or donate a few dollars for a chance at “Half the Pot” or several other neat gifts.

In the concession, the hot dogs are being warmed, the nachos are being prepared, and the scent of freshly popped popcorn wafts through the commons area. Each game, a different club or organization take its turn at manning the stand full of goodies of all kinds.

The young people are getting set up to air another game. The cameras are being set up, and the players names are being rehearsed by the announcers for the pregame introductions.

The girls finish their warmups, and the ball is tipped to start the game. There are a handful of fans in the stands, but more and more enter the gym during the first half.

The cheerleaders line up along the baseline and spring onto the court during each timeout to fire up the crowd and they do a fantastic job in doing so.

As the clock ticks down to zero ending the first half of action, the dance team is making its final preparations for its entertaining halftime performance. The dancers always do a fantastic job whether it be on the football field or in the gymnasium.

With the beginning of the second half comes a wave of more people entering the gym to watch the end of the girls game and to cheer on the boys in their upcoming tussle. Soon the bleachers on the home side of the gym are filling up nicely.

Soon the girls game is over and the boys are ready to spring onto the court for their warmups.

The pep band begins to play, “Onward Schuyler” and the crowd jumps to their feet and begins clapping. The driving beat of the pep band songs fires up the team and the fans.

The band, small but mighty at times, does their part to give the mighty Warriors a homecourt advantage. It is like stoking a small fire with more and more logs until the fire is finally blazing brightly as the boys starting lineups are announced.

And so it all goes one more time until the boys game comes to an end. Win or lose, it is always so wonderful to see so many people making the game experience so enjoyable to attend.

As the players are greeted by their parents and led to the gym entrance, the lights of the gym are turned off a few at a time until the gym is dark and quiet, waiting for the next game night to bring new life to it once again.

Doug Phillips is a freelance writer for the Schuyler Sun. Reach him via email at    

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