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COLUMBUS - “Have a plan to stay close to the Lord" - that was one of the main themes emphasized by Father Matthew Capadano during his May 13 afternoon speech to those gathered in the gym at Scotus Central Catholic High School.

Sixty-four young men and women walked up onto the stage inside the gym to receive their diplomas, signifying the ends of their respective high-school careers.

Of course, an occasion such as this is an end as well as a beginning all wrapped up into one.

Capadano also spoke about how much the graduates had matured since the first time he met them four years ago.

Capadano said he expects more changes and maturation over the coming years, as well.

“Whether they’re going to college, the military or taking some time off from school,” Capadano said. “Their home-base and constant is their faith in Jesus and as long as they stay close to Him, rely on His grace and do His will, they will become who they are supposed to be and change the world, which is what we all want to do.”

Capadano had one final message.

“I finished by telling them how much I love them,” he said. “Also, that I’m always here for them.”

After the commencement and the newly-minted grads had passed along the flowers they had received to loved ones in the audience, three awards were given to close the proceedings.

The Alumnus of the Year Award went to Aaron Dowd, the Spirit of Scotus Award was given to Maggie Feehan and the Outstanding Service Award to Mike and Dr. Kim Allen.

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