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Student-athlete, Citizen-soldier

The Dr. John Langan Phoenix Award is given annually to a student-athlete at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for outstanding achievement… Read more

CHS hosts its first academic signing on May 21

Parents were happy with Columbus High School’s initiative to recognize the academic achievements of its graduating students during its first academic signing on May 21. Read more

ROMEO Club offers travel, socializing opportunities

Retired men have the opportunity to travel and reminisce to the old days through the ROMEO Club established by The Heritage at Meridian Gardens. Read more

STEM roof damaged by 2016 storm on CHS to-do list

Getting a new roof put on the STEM Academy building at the eastern end of the 1-year-old Columbus High School has been in the plans for 18 months, but it won’t be long before Maintenance Department Director Michael Grutsch will be mobilizing to get … Read more

Schmit steps away from NDOT after 53 years of service

In most people’s lives, there are a few dates or numbers that become glued in their minds, withstand the tests of time and don’t diminish from thought even as wrinkles form, mobility decreases and less important memories fade. Read more


The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Columbus home

Enjoy plush comfort with our patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your body for a deeper, more restorative sle…


Safe stair climbing for Columbus seniors

Live independently in your multi-story home without the fear of falling.